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Puzzle of Einstein's 'missing page' issolved: Treasure trove of notes written by the legendary scientist discoveredin a private collection includes information lost since the 1930s


The papers, which have never been shown in public before, will now go ondisplay at Israel's Hebrew University.


The university today announced it had acquired the papers, thanks to a donationby the Crown-Goodman Foundation, ahead of the physicist's 140th birthday.


It was bought from Gary Berger, a North Carolina doctor who had a privatecollection of Einstein's writings.


'These papers reflect the way Einstein was thinking, the way Einstein wasworking. Most of them, in his handwriting, are mathematical calculations withvery little text,' said Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, academic adviser to thearchives.

这些手稿反映了爱因斯坦的思维方式,爱因斯坦的工作方式。档案馆的学术顾问古特弗伦德(hanoch gutfreund)教授说,手稿中的大多数都是数学计算,文字很少。

Einstein, who won the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics, settled in the UnitedStates after renouncing his German citizenship when Hitler came to power.


After his death in 1955, he left most of his scientific and personal writingsto Hebrew University, who said that the new selection is 'magnificent'.


By Colin Fernandez Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail


An astonishing letter has emerged of how Albert Einstein attempted to console afriend whose wife had just died.


The renowned scientist assured him that the passage of time felt by humans isnot real and 'now is an illusion'.


The letter from Einstein, then living in the US was to French physicist ElieCartan whose wife Marie-Louise died in 1950.


Einstein wrote on hearing of her death: 'Dear Mr Cartan, I felt very stronglywith you when I received notice of the great loss you have suffered recently.


'In these trying situations one feels stronger than ordinarily how difficult itis for a human being to hold fast to the notion - so inescapable to a physicist- that the Now is an illusion, not something pertaining to reality.'


The letter was digitised by web giant Google yesterday. Further letters werealso released by Israel's Hebrew University, including a letter to his lifelongfriend Michele Besso.


In it, Einstein said he felt 'ashamed' for never bothering to learn Hebrewdespite being treated as a 'Jewish saint'.


Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, the Einstein archive's at Israel's HebrewUniversity said said: 'For historians of science, it is very important to havemanuscripts, because then one sees that he crossed out something, that hechanged something, and it is interesting to see how he actually worked.'


Each of the four personal letters from Einstein 'is a gem,' Professor Gutfreundsaid.
Mr Besso, a Swiss-Italian engineer of Jewish descent, was baptised a Christianbut also learned the Hebrew language.


This determined that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which isfelt as gravity.


At its simplest, it can be thought of as a giant rubber sheet with a bowlingball in the centre.
As the ball warps the sheet, a planet bends the fabric of space-time, creatingthe force that we feel as gravity.
Any object that comes near to the body falls towards it because of the effect.
Einstein predicted that if two massive bodies came together it would createsuch a huge ripple in space time that it should be detectable on Earth.


It was most recently demonstrated in the hit film film Interstellar.


In a segment that saw the crew visit a planet which fell within thegravitational grasp of a huge black hole, the event caused time to slow downmassively.


Crew members on the planet barely aged while those on the ship were decadesolder on their return.