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Late one night in the fall, about 200 female students in Bhopal, a city in central India, held a rare demonstration on their college’s basketball court. Their very presence there was an act of protest: Women were not allowed to be outside their dormitories after dark, just one of many restrictions on their movement.

今年秋天的一个深夜,印度中部城市博帕尔的大约200名女学生在学校的篮球场上举行了罕见的示威活动。 他们的存在本身就是一种抗议行为: 天黑以后,女性不允许在宿舍外面活动,这只是对她们行动的诸多限制之一。

They spent the night outdoors — the first time many of them had seen the moon since they began college, one student recalled.



They’re fighting not just the curfew, but also “the idea of policing women and how they are kept in gendered spaces,” said Joan Sony Cherian, a member of the collective.


In the past month, women in India have entered a temple that once banned female visitors of menstruating age and prompted the dismissal of a professor for comparing virgins to “a sealed bottle.” Last year, dozens of women shared stories of sexual harassment at workplaces as part of a burgeoning #MeToo movement.

在过去的一个月里,印度妇女进入了一座寺庙,这座寺庙曾一度禁止来月经年龄的女性参观,并导致一名教授因将处女比作"一个密封的瓶子"而被解雇。去年,作为 #MeToo运动的一部分,许多女性分享了在工作场所性骚扰的故事。


The protests weren’t limited to Bhopal. They spread. In some instances, they were inspired by previous protests; others happened spontaneously.

抗议活动并不局限于博帕尔。 它们蔓延开来。 在某些情况他们是受到之前的抗议活动的启发; 另一些则是自发的。

Female students at a branch of the Regional Institute of Education in Ajmer, a town in Rajasthan state, broke their curfew barely a week after the Bhopal protests. In October, students from Panjab University protested for 48 days. Protests led by Break the Cage at prestigious Delhi colleges such as Miranda House and Lady Shri Ram College soon followed.

拉贾斯坦邦阿杰梅尔地区教育学院一所分校的女学生在博帕尔抗议活动发生仅一周后就违反了宵禁规定。 10月,来自旁遮普大学的学生进行了48天的抗议。 随后,米兰达之家和锡里拉姆夫人学院等德里知名大学举行了打破牢笼的抗议活动。

Administrators at the government-run Regional Institute of Education declined to comment on the protests. Lady Shri Ram College, a branch of Delhi University, said that the college had introduced changes such as ending the requirement for female students to have local guardians. The new rules were announced just before the planned protest.

政府运营的地区教育学院的管理人员拒绝对抗议活动置评。 德里大学的一个分校锡里拉姆夫人学院说,学院已经引入了一些变化,比如取消了女学生必须有当地监护人的要求。 新规定是在计划中的抗议活动前夕宣布的。

Pratibha Jolly, Miranda House principal, acknowledged that the old rules were “archaic and major reform was overdue.” After last year’s protest, the college made the curfew later and increased the number of nights a resident could stay out of the dorm.

米拉达之家校长普拉蒂巴•乔利承认,旧规则"已经过时,早该进行重大改革" 在去年的抗议活动之后,学校推迟了宵禁,并增加了学生可以在宿舍以外住宿次数。


The solidarity offered by Break the Cage has made a difference, said Kanupriya, the 23-year-old student union president of Panjab University, who goes by one name. She led a successful campaign to scrap the dorm curfew.

23岁的旁遮普大学学生会主席卡努普里亚说,"打破牢笼"提供的团结已经发挥了作用。 她成功地领导了一场取消宿舍宵禁的运动。

Of course, these successes alone will not bring about gender equality, Kanupriya said. But she sees them as a way of moving the needle. “This is about changing what is considered normal.”

当然,这些成功本身不会带来性别平等,卡努普里亚说。 但是她把它们看作是一种移动指针"这是关于被认为是正常的的改变。"