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More than 270 passengers sickened by norovirus on Royal Caribbean cruise


More than 270 people aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship have fallen ill with norovirus as the vessel headed toward Jamaica on Wednesday.


A spokesman for Royal Caribbean, Owen Torres, confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that a total of 277 guests and crew members have been affected since the ship departed on Jan. 6 from Port Canaveral, Fla.


Sitting in port at Falmouth Jamaica due to some passengers having the NoroVirus. Jamaican Port Authority will not let us off the ship and The Oasis of The Sea is not communicating well with passengers. We are on standby. — Nishell Johnson (@Miss_Nishelly) January 9, 2019

由于一些乘客感染了诺瓦克病毒,我们目前正被困在牙买加法尔矛斯港口。牙买加当局不准许我们下船,而海洋绿洲号的船员们也没有做好和乘客们的沟通工作。我们目前正处于待命状态。---Nishell Johnson 2019年1月9日

“Me and my girl personally saw 3 locations cut off for vomit…stay safe,” another person, John Chimento, tweeted candidly, while another Twitter user, StevieNix, said she was “currently watching people at the pool bar opening new bottles of Pepto Bismol.”

“我和我的女儿亲眼看到船上有三处设施因为呕吐事件而被封禁,”另一名游客约翰表示。而另一位推特用户StevieNix则表示她目前正看着人们在泳池酒吧处打开一瓶瓶新的Pepto Bismol(肠胃药)”

Passenger Cody Haddap told Orlando, Fla., news station WESH that vacationers started to get sick hours after leaving their first port of call, Haiti, at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. “They started getting sick [Tuesday] night around 10,” he said. “We’ve been pretty much confined to our rooms.”


Royal Caribbean sent a letter to passengers Wednesday morning in which it assured everyone that staff was “beefing up sanitizing procedures,” adding, “there’s no reason to believe that any illness will have any impact on the remainder of our sailing.”


According to WESH, the cruise patrons had to skip Jamaica because the country would not allow them in after they waited hours to be cleared. Haddap told the outlet that he and his girlfriend had spent most of their time in bed, and he expressed frustration with cruise directors.


“They could’ve opened more facilities,” he said. “This is a massive ship … 8,000 passengers on board. That’s a lot of people to be stuck on a boat when we’re at the port waiting all day.”


Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley told Business Insider in April 2018 that little could be done to prevent a norovirus outbreak on a cruise ship, as “one infected passenger can negate hours of careful cleaning.” The number one thing passengers could do to prevent an outbreak, he said, is to regularly wash their hands.