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On Friday China unveiled video from a successful test of its most powerful non-nuclear weapon, dubbed the "Mother of All Bombs" in reference to a weapon previously. The official Xinhua news agency published details of the weapon for the first time while calling it the "Chinese version of the 'Mother of all Bombs'".

上周五,中国公布了一段成功测试其最强大非核武器的视频。这种武器被称为"炸弹之母"。 官方的新华社首次公布了该武器的细节,并称之为"中国版的'炸弹之母'"。

The H-6K bomber can carry only one of the bombs, which based on the video appears to be around 30 feet long. The Chinese air force and navy together operate around 150 H-6s.The H-6K, which entered service in 2009, features modern engines and sensors.

轰-6k轰炸机只能携带一枚炸弹,根据视频显示,这种炸弹大约有30英尺长。 中国空军和海军共装备大约150架轰-6战斗机。轰-6k 于2009年投入使用,配备了现代发动机和传感器。

The American MOAB likewise is 30 feet long and weighs more than 11 tons. It’s a thermobaric bomb, meaning it relies on a shock wave, rather than metal fragments, to inflict damage.

美国的炸弹之母同样是30英尺长,重量超过11吨。 它是一个温压炸弹,这意味着它依靠冲击波而不是金属碎片来造成破坏。

A similar class of large weapon called a "fuel-air explosive" works by spreading then igniting a cloud of flammable gas. As the gas can spread into bunkers and even underground, a fuel-air weapon can collapse fortifications and tunnel networks over a radius of hundreds of yards.

一种类似的被称为"燃料空气炸药"的大型武器,它的工作原理是先扩散,然后点燃一团可燃气体。 由于气体可以扩散到掩体甚至地下,燃料空气武器可以摧毁数百码范围内的防御工事和隧道网络。

U.S. troops dropped fuel-air bombs during the Vietnam War in order to flatten large areas of forest for helicopter landing zones, and the Bush administration dropped at least one “daisy cutter—on terrorist forces in their caves at Tora Bora in Afghanistan in 2001.


The Pentagon hurried development of the MOAB—also known as the “Mother of All Bombs”—in early 2003 in order for the weapon to be ready for the invasion of Iraq.


But the MOAB proved either unnecessary or too risky to use in Iraq’s densely-populated areas. The giant bombs remained in storage until April 2017, when a U.S. Special Operations Forces transport plane dropped one on Islamic State fighters in mountainous eastern Afghanistan.

但事实证明,在伊拉克人口密集地区使用炸弹之母要么不必要,要么风险太大。 这些巨型炸弹一直被储存到2017年4月,当时一架美国特种作战部队的运输机在阿富汗东部山区向伊斯兰国武装分子投掷了一枚炸弹。

In 2007, Russia claimed it tested a MOAB-style weapon that it termed the "Father of All Bombs. "In its destructive capability, it is comparable to low-yield nuclear munitions,” one Russian military scientist wrote in the Russian trade journal Military Knowledge .

2007年,俄罗斯声称试验了一种炸弹之母类型的武器,称之为"炸弹之父"。 一位俄罗斯军事科学家在俄罗斯期刊《军事知识》上写道,"在破坏能力上,它可以与低当量核弹药相媲美。"。

But the carefully edited video of the test that the Kremlin released actually undermined the government's claim.


The video never showed in the same shot the bomb and the Tu-160 bomber that supposedly dropped it. It's unclear whether the Russian bomb is a thermobaric or fuel-air explosive.

视频从未在同一个镜头中显示炸弹和据称投放炸弹的图-160轰炸机。 目前还不清楚俄罗斯的炸弹是温压炸弹还是燃料空气炸弹。

The distinction matters. A NORINCO representative told Global Times that the bomb in its video is not thermobaric, implying that it's a fuel-air weapon, instead.

这种区别很重要。 北方工业公司的一名代表告诉《环球时报》 ,视频中的炸弹不是温压弹,暗示它是一种燃料空气武器。

Fuel-air bombs are less reliable than thermobaric weapons are. "The mixing process is highly randomized – very difficult to control on the battlefield,"

燃料空气炸弹不如温压武器可靠。 "混合过程是高度随机化的,在战场上很难控制,"

In any event, it seems China now possesses some kind of very-large, non-nuclear weapon to arm its growing fleet of modern H-6K bombers. It's not hard to imagine applications for the combination of H-6Ks and Chinese MOABs.

无论如何,中国现在似乎拥有某种超大型非核武器来武装其不断增长的现代轰-6k 轰炸机编队。 不难想象轰-6Ks 和中国炸弹之母组合的应用。

"The massive blast can easily and completely wipe out fortified ground targets such as reinforced buildings, bastions and defense shelters," Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, told Global Times .

军事分析人士魏东旭告诉《环球时报》 :"大规模爆炸可以轻易地彻底摧毁加固的地面目标,如加固建筑物、堡垒和防空洞。"。

Taiwan's military plans to hide troops, vehicles and warplanes inside caves and tunnels during the opening phases of any Chinese assault on the island country. H-6Ks dropping powerful thermobaric or fuel-air explosives could threaten those underground hideouts.

台湾军方计划在大陆攻打台湾的开始阶段,将军队、车辆和战斗机藏在洞穴和隧道里。 投掷强力温压炸药或燃料空气炸药可能威胁到这些地下藏身处。