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New Orleans archdiocese releases list of 57 alleged abusers


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Archdiocese of New Orleans released a list Friday of 57 priests and other clergy it says faced credible child sex abuse allegations, the first such list to be released in Louisiana.



Louisiana is the state where the first widely reported case of clergy sex abuse became public in the 1980s. Gilbert Gauthe, a priest in the Diocese of Lafayette, pleaded guilty in 1985 to abusing 11 boys but testified that he had molested dozens. The diocese is currently compiling its own list, which will be released once the research is completed, Blue Rolfes, spokeswoman for the Lafayette Diocese, wrote in an email.

20世纪80年代,第一起被广泛报道的神职人员性虐待案件在路易斯安那州公布于众。1985年,拉斐特教区的神父吉尔伯特·高特(Gilbert Gauthe)承认了虐待11名男孩的罪行,但他在证词中称自己猥亵了数十名男孩。拉斐特教区发言人布鲁•罗尔夫斯(Blue Rolfes)在一封电子邮件中写道,该教区目前正在编制自己的名单,编制完成后将公布这份名单。

The Archdiocese of New Orleans covers the city and seven nearby civil parishes. Aymond said he had received many calls and emails both for and against releasing the list, which he said was created by reviewing files of 2,432 priests who had served in the archdiocese since the 1950s.


"I believe it is the right thing to do in order to foster the healing of victims, in a spirit of transparency, and in the pursuit of justice," he wrote, adding, "Jesus reminds us, 'The truth will set you free.'"


The archdiocese's list includes where each man served and the estimated years during which the abuse occurred.


Alleged abuses by 23 priests and deacons had made the news, but those by the other 34 clergymen apparently had not, The New Orleans Advocate reported . It said the list did not include brothers, nuns, diocesan staff or lay employees of Catholic institutions.


News outlets said eight priests in the Salesian order had worked at Hope Haven, a home for troubled youth. In 2009, the archdiocese agreed to a $5.2 million legal settlement to lawsuits alleging physical, sexual and emotional abuse.



He also invited people to come forward if they have allegations about someone not on the list.
"For our sins of the past, we ask for your forgiveness and the mercy of God," Aymond wrote. "Our sin is public and it calls us as church leaders to repentance in order that our church can experience renewal."


In recent months, authorities in at least a dozen states have opened investigations, and federal prosecutors have launched an unprecedented statewide probe in Pennsylvania.
Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro released a statement saying, "As always, we stand ready to uate for possible prosecution any cases brought to us after investigations are completed by the New Orleans Police Department."

奥尔良教区地区检察官Leon Cannizzaro发表声明称,"还是跟以前一样,我们随时准备评估新奥尔良警察局调查结束后可能起诉的任何案件。"