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The 25 most powerful nations on earth


Russia is the world's second most powerful country,according to US News and World Report, while Germany has risen to fourth.


US News and World Report ranks nations for a yearly "Best Countries" study.


It includes a global power list - a list of the world's most powerful countries based on their alliances, influence and whether the country is a leader.

它包括一份全球权力清单 - 根据其联盟,影响力以及该国是否为领导者,列出世界上最强大的国家。

The US stays in first place this year, but other countries have changed positions amid rising instability.


The US remains the world's most powerfulcountry while others have seen their positions fall amid rising instability accordingto this year's global power rankings.


The rankings, published by US News andWorld Report, look at how the influence of a nation, as well as its political,economic, and military power.


They come as part of the mediaorganization's annual "Best Countries" study, which uated 80countries based on responses from 21,000 people.


Scroll down to see the 25 most powerfulnations, according to this year's rankings


25. Egypt


US News describes Egypt as "one of theworld's earliest and greatest civilizations." Most of the country'seconomic activities take place along the Nile River Valley. Tourism,manufacturing, and agriculture are important industries, but politicaluncertainty has slowed economic growth

美国新闻称埃及是“世界上最早和最伟大的文明之一”。 该国的大部分经济活动都发生在尼罗河流域。 旅游业,制造业和农业是重要的产业,但政治不确定性已经减缓了经济增长

24. Singapore


Singapore has one of the world's busiest ports,and US News describes it as a "bustling metropolis." The country hasexperienced huge economic and population growth in recent years.

新加坡拥有世界上最繁忙的港口之一,美国新闻将其描述为“繁华的大都市”。 近年来,该国经历了巨大的经济和人口增长。

23. Spain


Spain has fallen one place since last year, asits economy continues to falter and unemployment remains high. A crisis causedby Catalonia voting for independence created more instability in the country,which is known for its art and culture and is very popular with tourists.

西班牙自去年以来已经下跌一位,因为其经济持续动摇,失业率居高不下。 加泰罗尼亚投票支持独立造成的危机在该国造成了更多的不稳定,该国以其艺术和文化而闻名,并且非常受游客欢迎

22. Pakistan


Pakistan has fallen by two places asinstability, corruption and the conflict with India continues. The country isone of the world's youngest, with the majority of citizens aged under 22.

由于不稳定,腐败和与印度的冲突仍在继续,巴基斯坦已经下降了两位。 该国是世界上最年轻的国家之一,大多数公民年龄在22岁以下。

21. The Netherlands


Known as a very tolerant country, theNetherlands has increasingly been grappling with the issue of immigration. Thehigh-income nation is the one of the world's leading agriculture exporters. TheInternational Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court areheadquartered in The Hague.

荷兰被称为一个非常宽容的国家,越来越多地在努力解决移民问题。 高收入国家是世界领先的农业出口国之一。 国际法院和国际刑事法院总部设在海牙。

20. Qatar


Qatar hasrisen three places since last year, with oil and gas making it one of theworld's wealthiest countries. It has a high standard of living, and its mediais among the freest in the Middle East. In 2022, it will be the first MiddleEastern country to host the World Cup, though charities have criticised thecountry for deaths on construction sites and what they say is forced labour.

自去年以来,卡塔尔已经上升了三个位置,石油和天然气使其成为世界上最富有的国家之一。 它拥有高标准的生活,其媒体是中东最自由的媒体之一。 2022年,它将成为第一个举办世界杯的中东国家,尽管慈善机构批评该国在建筑工地上死亡以及他们所说的强迫劳动。

19. Sweden


ts commitment to human rights andsustainability has made Sweden a respected international leader. With freecollege and healthcare, the country has one of the world's longest lifeexpectancies.

对人权和可持续性的承诺使瑞典成为受人尊敬的国际领导者。 凭借免费的大学和医疗保健,该国拥有世界上最长的预期寿命之一。

18. Italy


Political turmoil from Europe's migrant crisisled to an increase in populism in Italy, a new government, and the potentialfor a future financial crisis. But the economy remains one of the largest inthe Eurozone, and US News note its strong cultural influence on the world, fromart to food.

来自欧洲移民危机的政治动荡导致意大利民粹主义,新政府以及未来金融危机的可能性增加。 但经济仍然是欧元区最大的经济体之一,而美国新闻则注意到它对世界的强烈文化影响,从艺术到食品。

17. Switzerland


A small country known for its neutrality,Switzerland has one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world. Swiss peoplehave won more Nobel Prizes and registered more patents per capita that mostother nations.

瑞士是一个以中立而闻名的小国,拥有世界上人均GDP最高的国家之一。 瑞士人民获得了更多的诺贝尔奖,并且其他大多数国家的人均专利数量都在增加。

16. Australia


A wealthy nation, the country has a high lifeexpectancy and ranks highly for quality of life.


15. India


India is the world's largest democracy anduntil recently had one of the fastest-growing economies. But it is also one ofthe world's poorest countries, with a population of 1.3 billion people. It hasbecome an important center of IT services and is known for stunningarchitecture.

印度是世界上最大的民主国家,直到最近还拥有增长最快的经济体之一。 但它也是世界上最贫穷的国家之一,拥有13亿人口。 它已成为重要的IT服务中心,以其令人惊叹的架构而闻名。

14. Turkey


Turkey has been affected by years of regionalfighting and terrorism, including an unsuccessful military coup in 2016. Itsits at the border between Europe and the Middle East, where conflicts also ragein neighboring countries. The OECD expects Turkey to be one of itsfastest-growing members in coming years.


13. Iran


Iran has moved up in the list compared to 2017.The country, which has one of the largest economies in the Middle East and isof interest to global powers thanks to its oil reserves. It is governed by anauthoritarian regime and has been criticised for repressing its people.


12. Canada


The second-largest country in the world, Canadais a significant energy exporter and has large oil reserves. The country has apolicy of multiculturalism, which prime minister Justin Trudeau has recentlyused to contrast the country with the neighboring US, where racial tensionshave been increasing.

加拿大是世界第二大国,是重要的能源出口国,拥有大量石油储备。 这个国家有多元文化主义政策,总理贾斯汀特鲁多最近曾用这个政策将该国与邻国美国进行对比,在那里种族紧张局势不断加剧。

11. South Korea


South Korea has become the world'sseventh-largest exporter, thanks largely to foreign investment. Conflict withNorth Korea has meant that it receives support from the world's superpowers.

韩国已成为世界第七大出口国,主要得益于外国投资。 与朝鲜的冲突意味着它得到了世界超级大国的支持。

10. The United Arab Emirates


Oil exports have allowed the UAE to have aGDP on par with the leading Western nations, according to the CIA's WorldFactbook. The country is one of the most liberal in the region.

根据美国中央情报局的世界概况,石油出口使阿联酋的国内生产总值与西方主要国家相当。 该国是该地区最自由的国家之一。

9. Saudi Arabia


The country has most of the wealth and land ofthe Arabian Peninsula within its borders. It has special status within theMuslim world as the home of Mecca, and its oil reserves have let it become oneof the wealthiest nations in the Middle East. The country has started to loosenof some its long-standing restrictions on women, such as driving.

该国拥有阿拉伯半岛的大部分财富和土地。 它作为麦加之家在穆斯林世界中具有特殊地位,其石油储备使其成为中东最富有的国家之一。该国已经开始放松一些长期以来对妇女的限制,例如开车。

8. Israel


Despite its strained relationship with many ofits neighbors and its population of only eight million, Israel has a largepresence on the global stage, thanks in part to its close relationship with theUS. Despite the Palestinian conflict, the country has a strong economy.


7. Japan


Japan is one of the world's most technicallyadvanced nations and has the world's third-largest economy. The country isamong the world's biggest producers of cars, electronics, and steel, and itrecently invested more heavily in its military amid escalating tensions withNorth Korea.

日本是世界上技术最先进的国家之一,拥有世界第三大经济体。 该国是世界上最大的汽车,电子和钢铁生产国之一,最近由于与朝鲜的紧张局势升级,它在军队上的投入更多。

6. France


The country has one of the world's largesteconomies and is often listed as the world's most-visited country. But it hasbeen faced with a rise in terrorism and shifting public attitudes toimmigration, while joblessness has been hitting the country's youth.

该国拥有世界上最大的经济体之一,经常被列为世界上访问量最大的国家。 但它一直面临着恐怖主义的崛起和公众对移民的态度的转变,而失业一直在影响着这个国家的年轻人。

5. United Kingdom


The United Kingdom has fallen one place sincethe 2018 rankings as anxiety increases about its role on the global stage afterits vote to leave the EU. London is a major financial center and the influencethe country gained through the British Empire still boosts its global clout.


4. Germany


Germany has moved up in this year'srankings, overtaking the United Kingdom. The most populous nation in the EU,the country also has one of the world's largest economies. The politicalleadership has been challenged over its open-door policies for migrants, andChancellor Angela Merkel's poor showing in the 2017 elections weakened her position.

德国在今年的排名上升,超过了英国。 作为欧盟人口最多的国家,该国也拥有世界上最大的经济体之一。 政治领导层对其对移民的开放政策提出了挑战,而总理安格拉·默克尔在2017年选举中的糟糕表现削弱了她的地位。

3. China


China has seen rapid economic progress, butmany still live below the nation's official poverty level, The World Bankstates. Its growing global influence has meant the country has come under morecriticism for its human rights policies, including censorship and limited mediafreedom.

世界银行表示,中国经济快速发展,但仍有许多人生活在国家官方贫困线以下。 其日益增长的全球影响力意味着该国因其人权政策受到更多批评,包括审查和有限的媒体自由。

2. Russia


The world's largest country by landmass alsohas one of the world's largest economies. The country invests heavily inmilitary power - it spent 5.4% of its GDP on defence in 2016 - and tensionsbetween and Western nations have increased over issues such as the 2014annexation in Crimea and interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

这片世界上最大的陆地国家也拥有世界上最大的经济体之一。 该国在军事力量方面进行了大量投资 - 其2016年国内生产总值的5.4%用于国防 -因2014年克里米亚吞并和2016年美国总统大选的干扰等问题与西方国家之间的紧张局势而增加

1. United States


The country is the world's dominant economicand military power, and its cultural imprint covers the world. The US has alsotraditionally taken a leading international role, such as in organizations likeNATO and the UN. But domestic challenges, including racial tensions,inequality, and a divided electorate, are harming the country.

该国是世界上主要的经济和军事大国,其文化印记覆盖全世界。 美国传统上也扮演着重要的国际角色,例如北约和联合国等组织。 但是国内的挑战,包括种族紧张局势,不平等和分裂的选民,正在伤害这个国家。