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Oak Ridge unveils most powerful computer


Not sofast, China. The United States just won back bragging rights in the globalsupercomputer race.

你并非么快, 中国。 美国在重夺全球超级计算机竞赛第一。

For the past five years, China has had the world's fastestcomputer, a striking symbolic achievement that highlighted the nation'sambitions and progress in high-tech.


But the United States has regained the lead thanks to a newsupercomputer built for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennesseeby IBM in a partnership with Nvidia. The speedy performance of the machine,called Summit, was announced Friday.


"We're seeing the U.S. back on top again," said JackDongarra, a computer scientist at the University of Tennessee who trackssupercomputer speeds and rankings.


The Chinese government's aggressive push to become the leader intechnologies such as artificial intelligence, microchips and cellular networkshas ignited a rivalry with the United States, the traditional front-runner inthe digital realm.


The Summit computer, which cost $200 million to build, is not justfast — it is also at the forefront of a new generation of supercomputers thatembrace technologies at the center of the friction between the United Statesand China. The machines are adding artificial intelligence and the ability tohandle vast amounts of data to traditional supercomputer technology to tacklethe most daunting computing challenges in science, industry and national security.

耗资2亿美元开发的顶点计算机不仅速度快 - 它还处于新一代超级计算机的前沿,此超级计算机拥有“中美两国争斗中心”的技术。 此机器添加了人工智能,有处理庞大数据的能力,以解决传统超级计算机在科技,工业和国家安全等方面的挑战。

Summit cando mathematical calculations at the rate of 200 quadrillion per second, or 200petaflops. If a person did one calculation a second, she would have to live formore than 63 billion years to match what the machine can do in a second.


Supercomputers now perform tasks that include simulating nucleartests, predicting climate trends, finding oil deposits and cracking encryptioncodes. Scientists say that further gains and fresh discoveries in fields likemedicine, new materials and energy technology will rely on the approach thatSummit embodies.

超级计算机现在执行的任务包括模拟核试验,气候趋势预测,石油探测和破解加密代码。 科学家表示,医药,新材料和能源技术等领域的进一步成果和新发现将依赖于”顶点“所验证过的方法。

"These are big data and artificial intelligencemachines," said John E. Kelly, who oversees IBM Research. "That'swhere the future lies."
“这些都是大数据和人工智能机器,”负责IBM Research的John E.Kelly说,“这就是未来所在。”

U.S. EnergySecretary Rick Perry came to Oak Ridge Friday to celebrate America regainingthe lead in supercomputers.,


"Today's launch of the Summit supercomputer demonstrates thestrength of American leadership in scientific innovation and technologydevelopment," Perry said Friday at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory."It's going to have a profound impact in energy research, scientificdiscovery, economic competitiveness, and national security."


With a peak performance of 200,000 trillion calculations persecond—or 200 petaflops, Summit will be eight times more powerful thanAmerica's current top-ranked system, Titan, which is also housed at ORNL. Forcertain scientific applications, Summit will also be capable of more than 3billion-billion mixed precision calculations per second.

凭借每秒20亿亿次的峰值性能,顶点比美国目前排名最高的系统Titan强八倍,Titan也位于橡树岭国家实验室。 对于某些科学应用,Summit还能进行每秒超过300亿次的混合精密计算。

Perry said the new machine "moves the nation one step closerto the goal of delivering an exascale supercomputing system by 2021.


"Summitwill empower scientists to address a wide range of new challenges, acceleratediscovery, spur innovation, and above all, benefit the American people,"he said.


Summit's computing capacity is so powerful that it has the abilityto compute 30 years' worth of data saved on a desktop computer in just onehour. ORNL researchers have also figured out how to harness the power andintelligence of Summit's state-of-art architecture to successfully run theworld's first exascale scientific calculation, or exaops, as DOE's fleet ofproposed exascale computing systems come online in the next five years.

顶点超算非常强大,能够在一个小时内算出要台式计算机上算30年的数据。 橡树岭国家实验室的研究人员还已经找到了如何利用顶点的先进体系结构的能力和智能来成功运行世界上第一个百亿亿级的运算.美国能源部计划百亿亿级计算系统能在五年内上线

"Fromits genesis 75 years ago, ORNL has a history and culture of solving large anddifficult problems with national scope and impact," ORNL Director ThomasZacharia said. "ORNL scientists were among the scientific teams thatachieved the first gigaflops calculations in 1988, the first teraflopscalculations in 1998, the first petaflops calculations in 2008, and now thefirst exaops calculations in 2018. "

橡树岭国家实验室主管Thomas Zacharia说:”从75年前的诞生开始,橡树岭国家实验室就具有解决国家范围内有影响力的重大难题的历史和文化。 “橡树岭国家实验室是1988年实现第一次10亿次浮点计算、1998年是第一次万亿次计算、2008年是第一次计算千万亿次的科学团队之一,现在是2018年的第一次亿亿次计算科学团队之一。”