heart-broken mother in China has been kneeling in cold weather to sell her breast-feeding service - so she could raise funds to treat her sick baby.


Despite her own weak health the 24-year-old new mother offers to nurse strangers' babies at a rate of 10 yuan (£1) per minute on the street of Shenzhen one of China's richest cities.


Talking to local reporters the desperate mother said she gave birth to twin girls but her younger daughter was very sick and under intensive care.


Ms Tang and her husband kneel on the street to beg for strangers' help in China. A signboard says the couple's daughter is sick and the mother is willing to feed other babies to raise money

The couple need 100000 yuan (£11262) to save their younger twin daughter (pictured)

The mother known by her surname Tang said she had been forced to beg because she and her husband couldn't afford the expensive medical bills charged by the hospital.


When reporters talked to Ms Tang at the end of January she had just given birth a month before and her health had not fully recovered.


Her husband told a reporter from Pear Video that doctors had told them to prepare at least 100000 yuan (£11262) should they want to save their younger child.


The couple are both migrant workers and live in a tiny £79-per-month rental flat.


Ms Tang also sells her breast milk in bags to passersby in Shenzhen. The woman a migrant worker is pictured pumping breast milk at her tiny £79-per-month rental flat

They claimed that Ms Tang had spent all her savings on treating her father who had cancer and Ms Tang's husband also needed to support his sick mother.


Because Ms Tang and her husband are not from Shenzhen they and their children are not entitled to receiving local social welfare - a result of China's strict household registration system.


As a result they had no other means to get their baby treated but to ask for help from complete strangers.



Pictures from Chinese media show the sad couple kneeling down in public with a signboard placed in front of them to explain their story.


Ms Tang held her elder daughter who is understood to be healthy. She wore a scarf to cover her face so she wouldn't be recognised.


Next to them several bags of Ms Tang's breast milk were displayed for passersby to purchase.


Ms Tang said people could 'occasionally' pay her to feed their babies.


Ms Tang gave birth just over a month ago. Despite her own weak health she kneels on the street to beg for help from complete strangers so that she could save her newborn child

People could 'occasionally' pay Ms Tang to feed their babies at the rate of £1 per minute

Although life has been hard on the family Ms Tang's husband who is the pillar of the family has not been discouraged by the challenges.


Speaking to a Pear Video reporter from their flat the determined man said: 'I believe as long as we try hard we could overcome the difficulty.'


The man said he would find more part-time food-delivering jobs and her wife would go back to work in two or three months.


After the story became viral on the internet the local authorities have stepped in.


In an online statement the Shenzhen Internet Information Office confirmed that the couple's claims were true.


The statement stressed that the hospital had been carrying on treating their daughter despite they couldn't pay the medical bills.


The statement also said officials from local authorities have visited the couple and the authorities would provide them with suitable help allowed by the Chinese regulations.