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This post will be updated as more hoaxessurface.
At least 58 people were killed and morethan 500 were injured in a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip late Sunday night.Police have confirmed that "one suspect is down" and they do notbelieve there are any more shooters. Authorities are looking to talk to a"female companion" as a possible person of interest. Within minutesof reports of the shooting hitting Twitter, trolls started flooding socialmedia with fake information.
1. About a dozen accounts have beencirculating a photo of comedian Sam Hyde.
2. Sharing photos of Hyde after a massshooting has been a meme among far-right trolls.
3. Details of this fake victim,"Taylor Joshuas," are being spread by an anonymous troll account.
The picture appears to have originated froma Snapchat and Instagram user named @tiinytaylor.
4. This account is circulating a photo ofMesut Özil, a German soccer player who plays for Arsenal.
(配图文字:这是我哥,一位虔诚的穆斯林,他去参加拉斯维加斯的音乐会后失踪了,现在还没回来 - 请转发,祈福)
The account spreading it appears to be aUK-based fan account for Chelsea Football Club.
5. A Twitter user is claiming this is aphoto of his brother who went missing after Sunday's shooting. The picture isactually of a suspect connected to a murder case in Mexico.
6. A couple of accounts have gone viralusing this photo of porn star Johnny Sins.
7. This account is trying to spread Sins'photo and also uses as its avatar a photo of a popular YouTuber named John whohosts a channel called The Report of the Week.

8. This account has been retweeting fakemissing person tweets and tweeted, "If you're actually using twitter tosearch for your missing relative in a mass shooting it's safe to say they'redead" after posting their own fake tweet.
9. This user tweeted a photo of their"son" Brandon and then immediately followed up their tweet withanother post advertising their Instagram.
10. This is a photo of former Vine star LilTerio.
11. 4chan users are claiming this Instagramaccount — which has only one photo on it — belongs to the alleged shooter,Stephen Paddock.
The photo and avatar from the account comefrom the Facebook profile of a man from New  Brunswick, Canada,with the same name.
12. Far-right trolls are spreading aconspiracy theory that the shooter is actually a man named Geary Danley.
Geary Danley was Facebook friends with anaccount that appeared to belong to Marilou Danley, who police have named as a"person of interest" in relation to the shooting. They are appealingfor anyone who has seen her to contact police. Danley is a local woman and isbelieved to have been roommates with the shooter.
Far-right trolls have jumped on Geary as apossible suspect because his Facebook has left-leaning Facebook likes. Beforethe Marilou account went down, there was a post saying that Geary and Marilouhad gotten married in 2011.
13. Popular far-right news site the GatewayPundit wrote up the Geary Danley shooter conspiracy, describing him as beingassociated with an "anti-Trump army."
The post has since been deleted.
A Gateway Pundit story was listed onFacebook's Crisis Response page at one point on Monday. A Facebook spokespersonsaid it was only up for a few minutes, however.
“Our GlobalSecurity Operations Center spotted the post this morning and removed it,"a spokesperson said in a statement. "However, its removal was delayed by afew minutes, allowing it be screen captured and circulated online. We areworking to fix the issue that allowed this to happen in the first place anddeeply regret the confusion this caused."
14. One of the 4chan threads about Danleymade its way into Google's Top Stories widget.
“Unfortunately,early this morning we were briefly surfacing an inaccurate 4chan website in ourSearch results for a small number of queries. Within hours, the 4chan story wasalgorithmically replaced by relevant results. This should not have appeared forany queries, and we’re continue to make algorithmic improvements to preventthis from happening in the future," a spokesperson for Google said in astatement.
15. Conservative media personality WayneRoot tweeted that the shooting was a "coordinated Muslim terrorattack" with shots fired at multiple hotels.
The shooter was located on the 32nd floor ofthe Mandalay Bay hotel. Police identified the shooteras Stephen Paddock, a local man. They have confirmed that he is dead and theydo not believe there are any more shooters.
16. Several far-right communities arepushing a conspiracy theory that Stephen Paddock, the man identified by policeas the alleged shooter, is affiliated with anti-fascist communities.
Paddock's brother Eric told reporters thatPaddock had no known political affiliations.
17. Posts from a fake "MelbourneAntifa" page are going viral within far-right communities on Facebook. TheMelbourne Antifa page wrote that one of their "comrades" was behindSunday night's shooting.
18. Marilou Danley — who was briefly aperson of interest for law enforcement — did not warn the concert audience thatthey were going to die. According to police, she wasn't even in the country atthe time.
"We located her out of the country.She was not with him when he checked in," Las Vegas Sheriff JosephLombardo said. "He was utilizing some of her identification and we hadconversation with her and we believed her not to be involved."
19. A YouTuber named Steven Haffley starteda rumor that Stephen Paddock was seen at an anti-Trump rally in Reno, Nevada,in August 2017. There is no proof that Paddock was ever politically active.
According to Paddock's brother Eric,Paddock never publicly expressed any political beliefs, left or right.
20. A woman was not removed by securitybefore the concert for warning people they were all going to die.

Damon Zumwalt, chairman and CEO of ContemporaryServices Corporation, the security firm working the concert Sunday night, toldBuzzFeed News that this is a false report.