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WASHINGTON ― Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) called for impeaching President Donald Trump from the House floor on Wednesday.


“I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the United States of America for obstruction of justice,” Green began in a sermon-like speech.


“I do not do this for political purposes,” he continued. “I do it because, Mr. Speaker, there is a belief in this country that no one is above the law. And that includes the president of the United States of America. Mr. Speaker, our democracy is at risk.”


Trump is in hot water for, among other things, firing FBI Director James Comey, who had been investigating Trump’s campaign and its potential ties to Russian officials who interfered in last year’s election to help Trump win. On top of that, explosive news reports this week revealed that Trump shared highly classified information with Russian officials during an Oval Office visit last week and previously asked Comey to stop investigating him and his team.
Details are still murky on the latter charge, but lawmakers in both parties have said that if it’s true, it constitutes obstruction of justice, which is grounds for impeachment. Green says it’s time to start the process.

川普近日因为解雇FBI局长James Comey和其他几件丑闻而处于公众的集火之下。后者在去年曾经干预选举并帮助川普大获全胜,而在被解雇之前他正在进行一场针对川普的竞选团队可能存在的通俄嫌疑的调查。在此之后,本周又有另一条爆炸性的新闻浮出水面,揭露川普曾经在上周于白宫办公室内接待俄罗斯官员时向他们泄露了某些高度机密的情报。在这场会面之前川普曾命令Comey终止对他本人和他的团队的调查。

“The president must be impeached,” he said. “Impeachment does not mean the president will be found guilty. It simply means that the House of Representatives will bring charges against the president. It’s similar to an indictment. ... Then the Senate can have a trial to determine the guilt or the innocence of the president.”


The Texas Democrat rattled off a website, impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org, and urged people to sign a petition there saying they agree it’s time to begin impeachment proceedings. It is ultimately the public, he said, that will decide whether impeachment happens.


“I am a voice in the wilderness,” Green said, now shouting. “But I assure you that history will vindicate me ... I assure you that no lie can live forever.”


His dramatic speech was capped off by a warning from the lawmaker overseeing House proceedings: “Members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities toward the president, such as accusations that he committed an impeachable offense.”


Green isn’t the first member of Congress to bring up impeaching Trump. At least 16 House Democrats have talked about it, and Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) said Wednesday that if the allegations in the Comey memo are true, they are grounds for impeachment. And Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) said on CNN Tuesday night that the situation described in the memos sounds serious and “could be construed as obstruction of justice,” which has traditionally been an impeachable offense for U.S. presidents.

格林并不是首位呼吁弹劾川普的国会议员。在此之前至少有16位民主党议员曾经提起过类似的弹劾案。而在周三议员Justin Amash(密歇根共和党)也表示,如果Comey案当中的备忘录(译注:司法部副部长Rosenstein建议解除科米职务的“重塑对FBI信心”备忘录)属实,这足以作为弹劾总统的基础。议员Carlos Curbelo(弗罗里达共和党)在周二晚间对CNN表示说,这份备忘录所反映出的情况听上去非常严重,而且“可以被解读成妨碍司法”,这在美国的政治传统中可以作为弹劾总统的理由。

In the Senate, Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) has floated the idea, and Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who caucuses with Democrats, said Congress is getting closer to another impeachment process.
“Reluctantly, Wolf, I have to say yes, simply because obstruction of justice is such a serious offense,” King told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday. “And I say it with sadness and reluctance. This is not something that I’ve advocated for. The word has not passed my lips in these tumultuous three or more months.”

在参议院,Richard Blumenthal(康乃迪克州民主党)也试探性地提出过弹劾的建议,而参与民主党决策会议的参议员Angus King(缅因州无党派人士)表示距离国会开始弹劾流程已经不远。“尽管很不情愿,但我还是得说,是的,我们将要弹劾总统,因为妨碍司法是一项很严重的罪名”,King在周二晚间对CNN记者Wolf Blitzer说道,“我对不得不做出这样的回答感到悲哀难过。这也并不是我所倡议的事情。在这混乱的三个多月时间里我从未表达过弹劾总统的观点。”