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10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years


10.Spain;Spain's national debt to GDP ratio is at dangerious 94%,meanwhile,24% Spanish citizens were unemployed.In west Spain,a region called Catalonia has a thriving independence movement,with strong popular support.At the same time, many of the Basque region of Northern Spain long for independence.The people of Basque, speak Basque, not Spanish. And several violent terrorist groups are currently fighting for independence.


9.North Korea;It's no secret that technological advancement is leaving North Korea far behind the rest of the world.Despite North Korea's policy of total self reliance,North Korea simply does not have enough resources.At some point, North Korea will need to leave behind its isolation, and expand trade and cooperative ties with other countries.When North Korea finally does open up its borders to the rest of the world, it's probable that the Kim regime won't be able to survive.


8.Belgium;Belgium's citizens are deeply divided along ethnic lines.In fact, the two halves of Belgium: Flanders and Wallonia have little in common with each other.In the south of Belgium lies Wallonia, a nearly autonomous region dominated by French speaking people.Many French speakers want either an independent Wallonia or a union with France.The north of Belgium is known as Flanders and the people of the region are ethnically Flemish and want an independent Flanders.


7.China;Perhaps the most surprising entry on this list is China.Despite having the largest military in the world and one of the most powerful economies.China has deep seated problems they must address in order to survive the 21st century.Even though the Chinese Communist Party harshly cracks down on anyone who opposes them.Many of China's problems stem from the outright destruction of the country's environment.Half of China's rivers and reservoirs are polluted beyond what is considered safe for any form of human consumption.By 2030 China will have used all of its drinkable water and according to the World Bank, every year 250,000 Chinese people die prematurely because of pollution.The Chinese Government tried to block the release of this report, fearing that it would cause massive social unrest.Disaster may just be around the corner for China.


6.Iraq;Iraq's borders were originally created by British colonial authorities in the 20th century with absolutely no regard for the cultural divides of the region.Saddam Hussein was able to keep Iraq together by opression and brute force,but now, the country is quickly falling apart at the seams three groups dominate Iraq,the Kurds in the North,the Sunnis in the west,and the Shiites in the south.The rise of the Islamic State has brought international attention to the deeply rooted divisions in Iraq.


5.Libya;Similar to Iraq, Libya is also an artificial creation of a colonial era.Libya was an Italian colony until 1951, and the country was later held together by Colonel Gaddafi until his defeat in the Libyan Civil War of 2011.Now after Gaddafi's fall,  the country is fracturing.


4.The Islamic State;The Islamic State saw a rapid rise to power in early 2014,seizing a third of Iraq and Syria in a stunning military takeover.However since then, the Islamic State embroiled in conflict against an increasingly long list of enemies.


3.The United Kingdom;Scotland may have failed to gain independence in their 2014 referendum, but the Scots won't give up their quest for independence so easily.Also, there's a simmering movement in Wales and Northern Ireland that seeks autonomy and possibly indenpence for these regions.If any of these regions were to gain autonomy from the United Kingdom it's possible that the Union may fall apart.


2.The United States of America;Many divisions that caused the United States' Civil War still exist to this day,  if these deep rooted political and cultural differences within the United States aren't rectified, it's possible that some states could break free within the next 20 years,the two most likely states to leave the Union are Alaska, and Texas.


1.The Maldives;Located between India and Africa, the island nation of Maldives is in extreme danger of sinking due to rising sea levels.