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Stunning images from the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest



Hunting For Fish


Photo and Caption by Eric Esterle/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. —A mature bald eagle drags the tail of a fish across the surface of the water after picking it up out of the Susquehanna river. It was late in the day when the sun was setting casting an orange hue over the water.

摄影师Eric Esterle拍摄并注解:一只成年白头鹰把一条鱼拽出萨斯奎汉纳河,抓着它的尾巴掠过水面。天色入暮,夕阳把画面涂满金黄余晖。(G19注:美国国鸟)




Photo and Caption by Alison Langevad/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — Two very precious endangered beasts gracing me with their presence under the stars in South Africa. So many of these rhino are now being dehorned to save them from poachers that this photographic moment is even more precious to me. A long exposure for the stars while light painting the rhino as they drank makes for an amazing moment captured

摄影师Alison Langevad拍摄并注解:两只极其珍稀的濒危动物出现在南非的星空下让我感受到了美。这些犀牛现在很多都被锯掉角以免遭偷猎者毒手,所以抓拍到这个画面对我来说弥足珍贵。用长时曝光来点亮星空,同时用打光来描绘出正在喝水的犀牛,使得抓拍到的这一刻生动精彩。


Battle of the Titans


Photo and Caption by S. Dere/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — A pair of Bison square of in the middle of the heard for dominance.

摄影师S. Dere拍摄并注解:两只野牛在兽群间决斗,角逐控制权。


UFO formation


Photo and Caption by Takashi/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — A baby cloud had born at dawn. The baby cloud had grown bigger and bigger than before. When it came the time of the morning glow, It had grown to many huge lenticular clouds. It looked like UFO formation.



Photo and Caption by T. King/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — Jellyfish.

T. King作品:水母。


Curious Lions


Photo and Caption by Kym Illman/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — Using a wide-angle lens (16mm) on our remote-controlled camera buggy results in the background being smaller in shot and appearing further away. We fire the camera shutter using the same remote-control transmitter that we use to drive the buggy, allowing us a range of a couple of hundred meters although we rarely sit more than fifty metres away from camera.

摄影师Kym Illman拍摄并注解:用遥控摄影车上的16毫米广角镜头拍出来的东西在背景中显得更小更远。我们用操作遥控车的同一个遥控器来控制快门,这使得我们可以在几百米范围内工作,虽然这次我们仅仅坐在离相机五十几米远的地方。




Photo and Caption by Jassen T. /2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — Surreal! Flying swans, airplane shadow and the abstract looking glacial rivers of Iceland. All of this action captured from a fast flying plane. Aerial Image (shot from an airplane at 1,000 feet).

摄影师Jassen T.拍摄并注解:梦境!飞翔的天鹅,飞机的阴影和冰岛的冰川河流构成的抽象画面。所有这些都是在飞机上拍摄到的航空照片(在一千英尺高度下)。


Female Anhinga with Brunch


Photo and Caption by Nancy Elwood/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — As I was sitting on the bank of the wetlands, watching a pair of anhingas prepare their nest, when one flew right down in front of me to fish. I quickly focused on her and out of the water came a wonderful fish brunch.

摄影师Nancy Elwood拍摄并注解:当时我正坐在湿地的岸边,观察一对美洲蛇鸟做他们的窝,其中一只正巧飞到我面前捕鱼。我立刻聚焦在她身上,一顿鱼大餐恰好出水。


Daybreak at Monument Valley


Photo and Caption by Lidija Kamansky/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — A storm was rolling in from the west and the few of us gathered for sunrise were watching and hoping that day would break before the rains came. The moment the sun peeked above the horizon, we were hit with incredible winds and sideways driving rain. My husband jumped behind me to block the blowing sand and to try to shelter me from the wind. I kept shooting as the skies lit up, while gripping the tripod to keep it steady. This image is the result of those efforts from this memorable sunrise!

摄影师Lidija Kamansky拍摄并注解:一片风暴正从西边袭来,我们少数几个人看日出的人观望着,希望天能在下雨前破晓。在太阳露出地平线的那一刻,我们遭遇了出奇大的风雨,我的丈夫跳到我的身后试图为我挡住风沙。天亮起来的时候,我一直在拍摄,同时抓紧三脚架以保持稳定。就是在这种努力下,我拍出了这张值得纪念的日出照!


Tundra Ghost


Photo and Caption by Aaron Baggenstos/2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. — Snowy owls are among my favorite birds on the planet. Their elusive nature and elegant flight make them a crown jewel to photograph. Repetition and persistence proved to be the key with this image. Using a slow shutter speed of 1/50 to create this “wing blur” effect I took well over 1,000 unusable photos over three weeks in the field to make this one frame. In this case, the high risk came with a high reward.

摄影师Aaron Baggenstos拍摄并注解:雪鸮是我最喜欢的一种鸟。它们难以捉摸的天性和优雅的飞行使得它们成为拍照对象中的皇冠上的明珠。重复和坚持不懈被证明是拍出这张照片的关键。使用1/50秒的慢速快门制造出这种“模糊的翅膀”的效果,我在拍摄地花了三个星期,拍了超过一千张无用的照片,才得到了这一张作品。在这件事上,高风险获得了高回报。