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Urinating in the streets, vandalised lightsockets and pushy crowds: Video shows the rude tourists at Shanghai'sDisneyland


A vlogger filmed his experience at thenewly-opened Disneyland Shanghai
In the footage, he complains about the rudenature of Chinese tourists
It includes kids trespassing on displaysand children urinating in public
PUBLISHED: 16:20 GMT, 18 July 2016 |UPDATED: 23:43 GMT, 18 July 2016


According to Disney, their theme parks are'where dreams come true,' but according to recent video footage of one man'svisit to the new Shanghai Disneyland, a lot of nightmare manners alsosurface.


In the new YouTube clip, anAmerican-Chinese man called Disney Dwayne takes a tour of the new theme parkand points out all of the aspects that he was shocked by during his two-dayvisit.


They included a woman helping a young boyto urinate in a public place, an electrical socket ripped from a wall and childrenfreely playing in an off-limits display area.


Disney Dwayne is a vlogger filmed hisexperience at the newly-opened Disneyland Shanghai


Dwayne is a huge Disney fan who hasalready visited all of the other theme parks run by the corporation, but thisyear he decided to make the trip to the Shanghai version with his friend Adrianand filmed the event for his YouTube channel.


While the vlogger enjoyed much of theexperience, he was horrified to discover what he perceived to be some of themost impolite aspects of the crowds in China.


His negative experiences started at theentrance to the park, when several people pushed in front of him to get aticket.


He said: 'One thing you've got to get usedto is getting pushed and shoved around here in Shanghai, for example, there wasa family of 17 that had issues at the gateway and I had to wait there.


At a children's show, Dwayne pans a cameraaround the front row of the audience to reveal that several adults are standingwith umbrellas, blocking the view for everyone behind


'[Even though] I was next in line theyjust started pushing past me, then there were people who pretended to be partof that family and they just cut into my queue, it was horrible.'  


Dwayne's problems in queues continued ashe and Adrian waited for one of the rides, complaining about the lack ofpersonal space they were given, with the camera panning down to the floor toshow close people get in the line, with a pair of feet apparently trying tosqueeze in between the two men in the queue.


Later, in the audience for one of thechildren's show, Dwayne pans a camera around the front row of the audience toreveal that several adults are standing with umbrellas, blocking the view foreveryone behind.


He said: 'It’s not hot and it’s notraining, so why are people using umbrellas to block the view.'


He shows footage of an electrical plugsocket that has been torn out of the wall


According to Dwayne several children and evenan adult trespassed onto a display area.


Then his focus switches to the areas ofthe park that have been vandalised by the tourists, including a plug socketthat has been ripped out of a wall, before he films several children and evenan adult trespassing onto a display area to 'trash' the ornaments.


A mother holding her son against somerailings in a busy public area to urinate in an ornamental garden instead oftaking him to the toilet


The final nail in the coffin though, isvideo footage of a mother holding her son against some railings in a busypublic area to urinate in an ornamental garden instead of taking him to thetoilet.


This isn't the first time that behaviourat Disneyland Shangai has hit the headlines.


In May, six weeks before the theme parkeven opened, badly-behaved tourists had already left their markafter trampling plants, picking flowers, carving graffiti intofreshly-painted lamp posts and leaving bags of rubbish on the grounds.


One woman was photographed allowing achild to urinate in a flower bed in full view of other visitors, who travelledto the park just to hang out around its locked gates and peer into buildingsthat weren’t open yet.


Ahead of the official launch, thegovernment even created an etiquette guide for any tourists planning to visit.


From reminding visitors to put litter inbins to asking them not to deface public facilities, the guide featured sixpointers on how guests can maintain decorum at the $5.5billion (£3.8billion)park.


The guide was created by the city’scivilization office and the tourism bureau, in light of badly-behaved touristsalready causing damage to the Disney park's surrounding areas before theopening.