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Research suggests that if people are meeting up withfriends to exercise they are less likely to pull out.’ Photograph: PaulHeyes/Alamy

研究表明,如果人们与朋友一起锻炼,他们就不太可能中途退出。“照片:Paul Heyes / Alamy

Fromthe right clothing and socialising to signing up to challenges and trackingyour progress, here’s how to enjoy working out as the days continue to shorten


Sign up to achallenge


[copy]Whether it is undertaking the NHS Couch to 5K plan or signing up to amarathon, having a goal can give shape and structure to an exercise routine.Whatever your motivation and fitness level, there are numerous events (many ofthem free) that you can enter.


Make it social


Some people love exercising on theirown, but for others, it is helpful to have company. Buddy up with a friend orget involved with a local group or class. Parkrun,which organises free 5km timed runs in more than 500 locations across theworld, is a great way to meet people in your local area and is easy to join.There is another incentive to working out with pals, too, according to Dr Joe Costello,senior lecturer in exercise physiology at the University of Portsmouth.“Research suggests that if people are meeting up with friends to exercise theyare less likely to pull out.”

有些人喜欢自己锻炼,但对于另一些人来说,拥有一个运动伙伴是非常有益的。无论是和朋友约好,或者参与当地团体。 Parkrun在世界各地的500多个地点,组织免费的5公里定时跑步,这个方式,很好地满足了当地人们的运动需求,并且很容易加入。根据朴茨茅斯大学运动生理学高级讲师Joe Costello博士的说法,与朋友一起锻炼还有另外一种动力。 “研究表明,如果人们与朋友一起锻炼,他们就不太可能中途退出。”[/copy]

Keep warm in yourkit


“There’s no such thing as bad weather,only unsuitable clothing,” said the late British fellwalker,illustrator and guidebook author, Alfred Wainwright. Base layers, gloves,headbands and hats are all useful for extra warmth. If you are going to andfrom a place for exercise, wrap up in a coat or jacket so as not to get chillywhile travelling. Visibility is also something worth paying attention to if youare exercising outside in the dark.


Mix it up


“Variety is the key to enjoyingexercise,” explains personal trainer Geoff Walcott. “Doing the same type of trainingcan be demotivating.” A small study of 114 men and women by theUniversity of Florida found that participants who repeated thesame exercises in a workout (three times a week) were more likely to quit thanthose who varied the type of exercise between sessions. Those with the morevaried routine were also found to enjoy their workouts 20% more.

“多样性是享受运动的关键,”私人教练杰夫沃尔科特解释道。 “做同样类型的训练可能会让人失去兴趣。”佛罗里达大学对114名男女进行的一项小型研究发现,重复同一种锻炼的运动者(每周三次)比那些隔断时间变换锻炼类型的运动者更容易中止锻炼。据研究,日常锻炼多样化的人比其他人享受锻炼的程度高20%以上。

Train at home


[copy]If the thought of working out at homebrings to mind grainy images of lycra clad aerobics instructors, it is time torethink your strategy. From free online tutorials, videosand podcasts to subscription-based services such as Zwift (usedby some professional cyclists as part of their trainingprogrammes) the options are plentiful. Walcott recommends using indoor trainingto complement outdoor training. “If you’re training for an outdoor race, forexample a 5k or 10k, then you should be doing strength training as well.”The NHS’ Strength and Flex planis designed to be equipment-free and easy to follow.

如果在家锻炼仍然会让人想起莱卡式健美操教练的颗粒状图像,那么现在是时候重新思考一下你的锻炼策略了。从免费的在线教程、视频播客到订阅服务,如Zwift(用于专业自行车手日常锻炼事项),可供选择的内容很丰富。沃尔科特建议使用室内训练来补充户外训练。 “如果你正在为户外比赛进行训练,例如5公里或10公里赛跑,那么你也应该进行力量训练。”NHS的力量和弹性训练计划,无须设备且易于操作。

Keep track of yourtraining


There are numerous apps and gadgets thatcan help keep track of your activities. And it doesn’t need to be tech heavy.Making a note or placing a dot on a calendar or chart can help you visualisehow much you have already done. If counting steps is your thing, be aware thatjust racking up the numbers is not enough. Earlier this year, health experts encouraged peopleto increase the intensity of their walking, rather than just focusing ondistance. Public Health England’s Active 10 app combines walking intensity and time. Nothaving enough time was cited as the main reason why people struggled to fit inexercise, according to a recent survey by PHE, so a 10 minute brisk walk eachday is among its recommendations.

有许多应用程序和小工具可以帮助您跟踪锻炼活动,而且不需要技很多技巧。写个小便签或者在日历、图表上做各个标记,可以形象直观地看到自己已经做了多少锻炼。如果锻炼中需要数脚步,请注意仅仅计数是不够的。年初,健康专家鼓励人们要增加步行时的锻炼强度,而不是仅仅关注距离。 Public Health England’Active 10应用程序结合了步行强度和时间。根据PHE最近的一项调查显示,没有足够的时间被认为是人们纠结锻炼的主要原因,所以每天10分钟的快走是其建议之一。[/copy]

Give yourself arest


Rest and recovery are important,especially if you are undertaking intense exercise or building up your fitness.According to Michigan State University,athleteswho are sleep deprived may experience subtle changes in hormone levels, leadingto higher levels of cortisol and a decrease in human growth hormone, which isactive during tissue repair. Be it a hot drink or a warm bath to soothe yourcold bones, having a reward to look forward to can be key on cold, miserabledays.