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[原创-美国] 哪个国家应该成为巴基斯坦的好榜样?

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Which country should be a good role model for Pakistan?


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Hadeed Ajmal Khan
Answered Jan 3
Our only progressive neighbor.
Like I’ve said before:
In 1949, life expectancy in China was only 36 years, now it stands at 76.4 (only three years behind America).
In 1949, China’s Arms manufacturing complex was almost non-existent. Today China is producing its own weapon systems like the Type-99 Tank, J-10 and J-20 Fighter planes, A-100 MLRS, nuclear as well as conventional submarines, HQ series anti-aircraft system etc.
There was a time when only foreign firms invested in China, Now Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE are investing and setting up operations in many countries around the globe.


Muhammad Aamir Khokhar, Pakistani Punjabi Muslim l History Buff
Answered Nov 7
This is ideally great time + opportunity for Pakistan to uate what they did wrong in past and how they can move forward in future. There are plenty of things where we can learn from not only one country but number of countries.


When it comes to strong democratic values, I would highly recommend Pakistan to follow foot steps of India. A country that has remained top notch and never ever sacrificed their democratic values in crest and trough. Indian Democracy is role model and Pakistan can learn number of things from it.
The other most notable thing is the emergence of Bangladesh’s economy over the years. Bangladesh where once poverty rate was very high is now emerging economy in Asia. Bangladesh is home of second largest garment industry in the world. Pakistan garment industry does have huge potential and I guess we can take Bangladesh as a sample.


Japan and Germany are classical examples of how to revive the economy. Economy of both countries miserably collapsed after world war II. Germany went under huge debt but they didn't lost hope. Germany reconcile its relationship with its neighboring countries notably France and that helped them to have their entire focus on economy. Germany revamped structure of its local industries and they are now one of the biggest economy of the world.


China , An example of country from no where to global power. China effectively utilized its local population in mass production of raw items. I wouldn't be wrong to say most multinational company in the world have their production houses in China. We can also learn the hardwork of Chinese people.
There are plenty of things we can learn from every country in the world. The only thing I expect from my country is to solely focus on its economy.


Ezaz Khan, studied at Beaconhouse Educational Complex
Answered Nov 7
I belong to Pakistan and I'm familiar with the internal basic problems of Pakistan . And Pakistan can idealise many countries in different departments. We can't make any country role model because in the practical world we don't have a examplary country to follow in every aspect.


4- Lest but not the least Malaysia . I read the history of Mathir Muhammad the current Prime minister of Malaysia . How he ruled for so long and controlled corruption which supported their country. Pakistan can instill the ways the implemented to control corruption. Because here is Pakistan corruption is the basic problem as far I know. We need to stop that to move on .

4、马来西亚。我了解了一下现任马来西亚总理Mathir Muhammad的过去,看他是如何统治这么长时间以及是如何控制腐败的。巴基斯坦可以学习他们控制腐败的方式。因为腐败是巴基斯坦的基本问题。这个问题需要解决。

5- Turkey is the another country best country to follow . They within the time span of 10 years returned their loan to IMF which is a great achievement and they also improved their balance of trade . We have a noble best example of a Leader Tayyib Erdogan who gave Turkey what they deserve! Alot to learn from that great leader who fought against the rebellious group in it's country and tackled with those groups to save turkey from getting in wrong hands!



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Type-99 Tank, J-10 and J-20 Fighter planes, A-100 MLRS, nuclear as well as conventional submarines, HQ series anti-aircraft system etc
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