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[原创-美国] 你的家庭成员做了什么事震惊到你了?

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How did a family member shock you?


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My grandfather molested me.I am a girl, and come from a well to do family residing in an urban area. I live with my parents and a sibling, but our house is somewhat in the outskirts of the city. My maternal grandparents live in the city.In grades 9 and 10, I needed to take tuitions in the city, so my parents dropped me at my grandparents' house, and I lived with them for the better part of two years. I'd only get to visit my family on weekends. I was 14 or 15.I don't remember exactly how it started out. Initially, I was so much in disbelief, that I kept thinking that he was doing it by mistake. However, it became so frequent that after a point I began to be wary of him.Most of the times, it happened when I was sleeping. He was an early riser, and often got the excuse to wake me up early in the morning, before which he'd take advantage of me. I couldn't set an alarm for myself, as my phone had been confiscated too. It was a nightmarish prison. Anyway, I am a light sleeper, and even the slightest disturbances wake me.He often poked my chest, my b*tt, and my pu**y. Sometimes he would even do it while I was awake. And then stare at me mockingly as if I were a child and he was just teasing me. One time, I was sleeping on my stomach, and my arms were distorted in a peculiar manner such that they covered my breasts. I didn't do it intentionally, I just sleep weird. Anyway, I had a certain level of consciousness, and I fully understood what was happening as he wiggled his hand behind my arms and squeezed my breast. I woke up immediately and asked him what he was doing. Not firmly enough though. He acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. This is just one incident out of many.After way too many incidents that I brushed off as accidents, I finally considered the idea that perhaps they weren't accidents. It was pretty obvious, but I was in shock. This was my grandfather. A respected man in society. A scientist.I confided in my cousin sister. She lived in the same house, with her parents and sibling. To my utmost horror, she told me that she had gone through the same ordeal, and was still going through it. Mind you, my cousin is 3 years younger than me.That was it. Knowing that the little girl had gone through it gave me more strength than my same ordeal would ever have.I actively started avoiding him, and asked my sister to do the same. I'd be rude to him, aggressively chiding him off whenever he so much as laid a finger on my sister's b*tt. I held his finger tightly once when he did it to me while I was sleeping, and hurt him with my nails. It went like this for a while.Apart from my sister and I, no one knew or even suspected this side of my grandfather.One day, our entire family went on a little weekend getaway to a nearby town. The same thing happened there. With his stupid friendly smiling face, my grandfather put his arm around my shoulders, and squeezed the side of my breast with his fingers. I was livid. I yelled at him. I didn't say anything directly, but just spoke very rudely. Which is what I'd been doing for the past couple of months.But this time there were people around. My entire family was there. No one saw what he did, but everyone saw me yelling and disrespecting an elder for apparently no reason. I was chided. Badly. My mother was visibly disappointed. For a while I kept behaving defensively, as if their scoldings didn't affect me. But after a while, my mother's looks and silent words of disappointment became too much.I told her.I told my mother that she was unaware of the monster that my grandfather was. Everyone was clueless. Much like me in the beginning, she was in disbelief. She didn't believe me, and I didn't blame her, because I myself had had a hard time accepting it. But I told her everything. I told her what he had done that day. I even demonstrated it to her. She went through the same mental struggles that I did. She told me I must be mistaken. That he might've done it unknowingly and unintentionally. That I was probably overreacting. Overthinking. I told her that my sister was going through it too. My sister and I were inseparable, and she was the only one who had understood what had happened that day even before I told her. She was with me when I was telling my mother. She vouched for me too. Told my mother things she'd been through.My mother behaved distantly for a while. I cannot imagine what she must have been going through. This was her father whom I, her daughter, was accusing.She finally believed me. She told me to not behave in that manner anymore, and told me she'd take care of it, as it was an extremely “sensitive matter”. I was okay with it.At that age, my sister and I didn't even understand the intensity of what we were going through. It was pretty late in life that I realised that I was scarred forever.Anyway, the next day, as a na?ve teenager, back in my grandparents' house, I told my grandfather to not wake me up anymore. This happened in front of everyone. Everyone questioned me. I just made up stupid excuses like, “I don't like it when someone comes close to me while I am sleeping”, and “I get scared when I wake up and the first thing I see is someone so close to me”. Nonsense like that.After that, the man didn't come close to me. He'd wake me up from a distance. Visibly hurt though.I was overjoyed.I thought my plan had worked. The next time my mother called, I proudly told her how I had evaded him on my own. She told me that it was actually because she had spoken to my grandmother about it.I don't know what had happened, but he never harassed me anymore, and that was all I cared about.A couple of months later, when I had almost forgotten about these incidents, something happened. My grandparents were fighting, and I took my grandfather's side, and told my grandmother off. Probably in the heat of the moment, Grandma exclaimed to my grandfather, “you are a fool for listening to her, she, who has accused you of such ugly actions.”That shut me up. Her tone made it evident that she didn't believe it one bit. I was just some fibbing liar.Anyway, life moved on. I hate that man, and keep as much distance from him as possible. My father, however, has no clue about all this till date. From my mother's family, my father gets along only with grandfather. My brother and father both know I hate him, but they don't know why. Many a time, when my father invites grandfather for something, or asks him for a favour for me, I get super annoyed. He has often asked me what it is all about, but I won't tell him.My sister, on the other hand, is much more forgiving. She has forgiven him, without having even received an apology. I suspect she kept going through it for a long while even after I came back home. We are still inseparable.Anyhow, this is my story.My grandfather shocked me by molesting me at a young impressionable age, and lost any respect that I'd had for him.Disgusting despicable git.




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那些事情,只有表妹和我两个人知道. 我们可是天天在一起的.




S Raghav
I am from south India. I have a cousin; she was the first girl child in our extended family. Everyone adored her. She always had the top priority in the family. I was never jealous of her, in fact I adored her more than anyone in the family since she was like an elder sister to me.She was good at studies, she was fair, tall and she had a very good dressing sense. She was approached for a job of an air hostess during her studies but she rejected it.Our family is one of the prestigious families in our area, since most of our family members were government school teachers. Her father, mother, grandfather & grandmother have all worked as head masters. They are given a very huge respect every where. Even today their students remember them.One day, we got to know that she has a boyfriend. When confronted her, she agreed to this and she said that she wanted to marry him.Unlike other families, her parents or grandparents or us, didn't take the matter to caste, religion or boycotting love marriage. We were quite supportive to her, until we found out who her boyfriend was.Let me tell you about her so called boyfriend.Since she lived in a village area, she was going to college by auto and he was the auto driver. His profession was not a concern for us. His character was.He was 10+ years elder than her. He had previous relationships but cheated in almost all of them. He is not educated, completed 4th grade I guess. He is a drunkard. He used to sleep in the bar where he drinks, even though he has his mother alone in the house. He has loans from everywhere.When we rejected him, she said like she can't live without him, bla bla bla..We tried explaining her why we opposed him, but she didn't listen to a word we all said. We tried everything to get her out that relationship. One day she ran away with him and got married in a temple.That day her parents said that she is no longer their daughter. That day for First time in my life, I saw someone elder to me cry like a small kid crying when their parents leave them in school for the first time; that day I saw the tears of Parents. That day I decided to never make my parents cry. Its been many years since this incident, but remember it like it was yesterday.None of us expected her to do this. None of us expected that she will marry such a guy. I was not expecting to see her parents cry.All the villagers who respected her parents said to her face that she will suffer for choosing a guy like that.We all thought the same, that by marrying him, she is entering hell.Today I'm proud of her, we all are.Even though we don't talk to her and have cut all ties with her, we are proud of her.After marriage she took it as a challenge to make her life good again.She completed her degree, by working part time jobs. She controlled his drinking problem, she managed his money and started paying off his debt.Today they are happily married with a kid. He owns 2 local buses and gave few autos for rent and works hard in his own bus as a driver. She is a teacher in some school nearby now.








I’m going anonymous for this one. If you have ever been molested/sexually abused…trigger alert.I was molested from age 7 all the way through age 11 (when I decided to come out about it). No, a member of my family did not molest me, but a family friend did. My mother and father were really good friends with a married couple - my mother worked with the wife of the man that molested me every chance he got.My mom let this family friend babysit me. Each time, I thought their “we’re just going to get gas” run would never end. They were gone for two hours at a time - now that I’m older, I’m assuming they went to get dinner and drinks. He did things to me that I’m afraid to let any man do to me now, and I still get flashbacks when I lay down at night…even after 10 years of therapy and a trial that put the man in jail for 8 years.My happiness, childhood, dignity, and self-confidence were shattered.When I came out to my mom about the abuse, she cried for days. The wife of my abuser tried to give me presents to buy my silence and to not go to trial. She knew what her husband did. Even worse, if he molested me, what did he do to their son?What shocked me was that my father left me during all of this. He could not handle the stress that came with a child with PTSD, major depression, and anxiety… so he left me.He packed his bags and hauled his ass out of town. At that young age, I needed him. I needed him to teach me that all men are not the same as my abuser.I went through all that trauma without a father. To this day, I haven’t recovered from that. I have forgiven him, but I have not recovered.Writing this down feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for reading.








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