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[原创-美国] 当德国从未攻击过美国时,为什么美国要与德国作战?

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Why did America fight Germany when Germany never attacked America?


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Marcus Sellers
Because Hitler declared war on the United States four days after Pearl Harbour: German declaration of war against the United States (1941) - WikipediaAt that point, Germany was at war with the United States, so the United States reciprocated. A declaration of war is a statement of intent. So the moment Germany declared war, the U.S. and Germany were at war. The U.S. declaration formally allowed the government of the U.S. to respond.As for the Second World War in Europe not being our business, I recommend you do two things: first, review the logic of your question, because the moment that Hitler declared war on America, the war in Europe was completely the business of the United States and two, review the insane writings and dictums of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party. Their goal was nothing less than the total and complete conquest of the world, subjugation of the Untermensch and destruction of those deemed undesirables. Hitler declared the U.S. a nation of mixed race and thus, under his crackpated racial theories, was inhabited by Untermenschen and other undesirables.What we sacrificed so many American lives for was to be free of the evil of encroaching fascism, and not a single person who fought that war would argue we shouldn’t have been in it. In fact, during that time, only individuals in the German Bund (a Nazi propaganda organization in America), Father Conklin (a pro-fascist catholic priest), and American First Committee (Charles Lindbergh, a fascist sympathiser, was the public face of the organization). And that doesn’t include the members of what we would call the 1% who supported fascism abroad and at home (c.f. Ford motor company in Nazi Germany, Standard Oil in Franco’s Spain and the Luftwaffe, and Chase bank to name a few. I refer you to this article: 11 Companies That Surprisingly Collaborated With the Nazis; and let’s not get into the Business Plot - Wikipedia).And as for using all our resources against Japan, we did just fine, thank you. America outproduced every single nation involved in the Second World War combined. So I think we had enough resources and production.Nazi Germany the victim of American Imperialism? So the Deutsches Reich (The German Empire) which invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, the Channel Islands, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, the Soviet Union, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, French Tunisia, Monaco, Italy, Albania, and Finland was the victim of the mean old Americans during the Second World War? Where are you getting this revisionist garbage?Look, I think the questions you really must ask yourself are, firstly, are you a postmodernist who believes in the fascist political aesthetic? And if not, why would you rationalize an attempt to rehabilitate one of the most evil and corrupt regimes on the planet?




1. 先看你的问题前提逻辑.
当时,是希特勒先向美国宣战的. (这样子)欧洲的战争就完全和美国有关了.
2. 去看看希特勒及其纳碎党的疯狂言论,还有他们的著作.



Luke Harkin
Germany declared war first, by the way. Might want to do some research before making claims.We were already basically fighting Nazi Germany indirectly. Everybody hated Nazi Germany but nobody wanted to fight a costly war after WWI had occurred just two decades earlier. However, the Lend Lease Program ensured that we were doing our part by aiding our allies in Europe.The Lend Lease Program supplied Allied nations with food, materiel support, oil and raw resources. The US spent the modern-day equivalent of $667 billion on the Lend Lease Program, sending millions of tons of supplies to The UK, The USSR, China, France and Australia as well as other Allied nations. We were essentially fighting the war through our allies; many Royal Navy Ships were lent to the UK from America.Also, the biggest thing was that Japan attacked us in the name of the Axis, not in the name of Japan. Hitler declared war four days after Pearl Harbor. The US declared war hours after.Germany and Japan started it when they became ruthless dictatorships that massacred millions of innocent civilians and held racist ideologies. They started it when they attacked America for continuing the Lend Lease Program and blockading their goods to resist evil and inhumanity. America was right and just in their ideological views, not the enemy. I don’t care about how ‘victors write history’ because Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were just plain evil.Also, Germany did attack the United States many times before declaring war. Ever heard of the Battle of the Atlantic? Germany sunk many British, French and American cargo and navy ships to prevent the Allies from being supplied by the United States. Thousands of American sailors were killed, even before the official declaration of war.Get this anti-American nonsense out of here and go do some research instead.





Daniel Clinton
From 1939 until June 22 1941 the USSR was much more of a German ally than a US ally, cooperating in the dismemberment of Poland and delivering vast quantities of raw materials and foodstuffs to feed German industry and people.


Noah Mercado
Actually, the last thing Japan wanted was war. Emperor Hirohito despised his alliance with Nazi Germany and wanted no part in the war. Japan declared war by unanimous desicion of its war generals. In fact, Hirohito wanted to surrender way back in 1941 because he saw no reason to be in said war.


Edward Hynes
If you mean in World War I, because Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare in January 1917 even though they knew this would bring us into the war (Wilson made this clear after the Lusitania was sunk in 1915). The German high command deliberately gambled that they could drive Britain out of the war and defeat the allies before the U.S. could mobilize and get troops to Europe. Our army was minuscule and totally unprepared to enter the war, so it was obvious it would take a while to raise an army and get it to Europe. We ended up relying on the French and British for a lot of equipment, notably artillery, aircraft and tanks, but the sheer number of fresh troops and the boost to allied morale were decisive.If you mean World War II, because Germany declared war on the U.S. on December 11, 1941. Their treaty with Japan did not require them to go to war since it was Japan that initiated hostilities with us. Prior to Pearl Harbor, we recognized that a German victory would present a serious threat to our interests and ultimately to our security, which is why we were closely supporting Britain and clearly sliding into war. However, if Germany had not declared war when she did, it would have presented Roosevelt with an awkward problem since there would have great pressure to forget about Germany and focus entirely on Japan.

Brett Kuntze
I have my own personal theory .. Look, I think that America propped up Nazi regime in Germany and use Nazis to invade Russia in hopes of crushing communism there. I somewhat think that it was so illogical for the Nazis to bypass the British for Russia first. This is a blatantly obvious suspicion .. Russia pushed the Nazis back which got America interested in the war because there was no knowing how far Russia would go . Russia could have taken all of the Europe except the British which controls America without our knowing.. The British still runs America to this day, but nobody can prove it… Only the ruling class in the British knows.. The sun still never sets in the British empire… Now we have Brexit and I am trying to figure out what it really means .. Again, look at Sen "Joe" McCarthy and his Anti Communist subcommittee during the late1940’s right after the end of WWII , then Vietnam, etc.. Russia’s Stalin was a direct threat to America and there is almost no way for Ameica to contain Russia other than through Europe, so that was probably why Nazi was created as a proxy war against Stalin which was no different than Vietnam, Korea and probably the Middle East (Iraq) as well. It is kind of interesting that very little is said or known about the Czarism that had long run Russia until 1917 when Lenin went communist and Stalin expanding communism globally through WW1 as well as WWII. We had WWI for probably the same reason we had WWII. We probably succeeded with containing Russia’s communism after WWII after having to send our own soliders that Hitler failed with his own… the Jews is probably caught up in the cross fire as Hitler probably got frustrated and annihilate Jews as a payback to America for what happened to Germany . Hitler’s invasion of Europe was probably necessary to prevent any possible interference from France or other nations in Hitler’s bid to crush Russia.. The British is just looking the other way and the bombing of England is just a side dressing.. to distract historians.. you may think that you can find holes in my personal theory, but I am not explaining every part of my theory which is much larger than what is posted here, like why Hitler built supersized weapons and installations and rockets and so forth.. as I can suppose that America asked Hitler to build them as “practice” targets for America to see how good we can destroy them like dam bustings for example.. Russia had never destroyed any of Hitler’s super weapons… Russians just rolled in Germany too easily from the east because there were no superweapons on the east front. it could have been an entirely different story had Hitler succeeding in crushing Russia and take Moscow.. I can suppose that Hitler would turn around and make peace with America..or something like that. Hitler committed suicide so that we cannot pick his brain if he got captured alive..as America probably expected Hitler to do that!






John Bogin
Germany declared war on the USA after Pearl Harbour. It was agreed between the USA and Britain, that it was more important to stop the Germans in Europe than the Japanese in the Pacific. Consider the vast distances that the Japanese would have to travel to get to such places as Australia or Hawaii. When France fell then the Germans were only 21 miles from England. If England had fallen then the chance of Europe being liberated from Nazi domination would have been incredibly difficult.If England had fallen then Russia would have had to fight on alone without the convoys of aid which Britain helped send to Murmansk. Germany would not have suffered the bombing which crippled its industries and its cities. The Mediterranean sea would have become an Axis sea. European resistance fighters would not have received weapons and support from Britain.Take the idea one step further and imagine Britain becoming a Nazi puppet state. Spitfires, Lancasters, Hurricanes and Mosquitos being sold to Hitler and the British Navy becoming part of the Kriegsmarine. British soldiers becoming part of the German army.Britain might have been able to resist invasion without American troops, soldiers and airmen but we could not have invaded Europe on out own.You have got to ask yourself what kind of world would we be living in if the Axis powers had won. We would all be driving around in German cars and using Japanese computers






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