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[新手翻译] 中国到底有多安全?看quora上外国网友怎么说

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I’ll give you an example from the city I live in, Shenzhen. There are two giant parks I live near, Shenzhen Central Park and Lianhua Park. I regularly go walking or “ninebotting” through those parks at 2AM or later. I wouldn’t try doing that in San Francisco or New York City.


Last time I got scared in the park, it was 4AM and I heard a strange noise from behind the trees. I went around the corner to investigate and there was an elderly couple practicing Tai Chi. Needless to say, I was a little embarrassed to be afraid after that.


Edit: I want to add something that has kind of been blowing my mind lately. There is this new thing here called Mobike. Not sure how popular it is throughout China, but it is so big here, there are at least 3 other startups doing the same thing in Shenzhen. What is Mobike? It’s a bicycle sharing service, but here’s the catch, you just abandon the bike on the side of the road, or in the middle of a park. There is no high security bike station you return the bike to, just a little lock screwed on and a GPS you could easily chop off. People just don’t steal the bikes, or at least not often enough to sink the company. I can’t imagine that working anywhere in America or even Europe.


They have this here:
and this:
Mobike and it’s competitors look like this:
超级截屏_20180828_172834 (1).png
You just grab a bike you see lying around, scan the QR code and you’re off. There is a lock with a servo on the back tire and the bikes have a GPS. You pay 1RMB per hour (about $0.14USD). The bikes are pretty nice. I passed about 40 people using these bikes on my ride to work (10 minute 9bot), about 2 people riding their own bikes, and zero people riding the rack bikes.


Some have pointed out in the comments that people lock up the bike for their own use. This is unfortunate, because there are so many bikes in town, it’s pointless to lock them up so you have one available later. They are everywhere.

Undoubtedly, China is the safest country I have ever lived in. Coming from a 27 year old African-American, you don't have to worry about your safety at all compared to living in the United States. Use your common sense and everything will be fine.


In America, there is constant gun violence across the country. In China, there are no guns at all (except for certain agencies). After living in China for some time now, it is perplexing that Americans have such easy access to shoot someone, even in common cases such as road rage.


In America, part of the gun violence stems from police, and causes high stress in many communities. In China, it is much more peaceful, and the police will rarely approach you, if at all (and they don't carry guns).


In America, I would rarely walk around at night in a major city, unless it was a popular area or just walking to my car. In China, I have explored many areas in major cities late at night, and never ran into any trouble. Also, the culture in China is very social at night; many people will eat BBQ on the street and continue the night with friends. If you think New York never sleeps, China REALLY never sleeps.

在美国,我很少一个人夜间在城市里走动,除非在一个安全的区域或只是走到我的车旁。在中国,我已经在深夜探索了许多城市的许多地区,从未遇到任何麻烦。而且,中国的社交文化在晚上非常常见; 很多人会在街上吃烧烤,和朋友一起过夜。如果你认为纽约是一座不睡觉的城市,那么中国无疑是它的升级加强版。

As a foreigner in China, you will encounter many friendly situations with strangers. Parents will encourage their children to speak English with you. People walking past you will want to take a selfie with you (you might be in a city with not many foreigners, or you might look like an NBA player to them). It is very easy to meet new people, including expats and locals.


You can probably tell I really enjoy my life in China as a foreigner, but I think many expats would agree with these comparisons. Lastly, a key comparison are the borders. Entering China from the airport, you will have your carry-on luggage checked by one or two people, you will fill out your arrival card, wait in line, you will notice about 5–8 employees, then they will check your passport and visa, and will let you in as long as everything checks out. Rarely will they ask a question. Entering America from the airport (as an American), you will scan your passport at a kiosk, then you will wait in line, you will notice about 20–30 employees, with some of them armed, you will get to the counter to check your passport, and you will have to answer at least 10 questions at a very fast pace, then they let you go through if everything checks out. For an expat, this is not the best welcome home. I couldn't imagine the differences foreigners have with CBP when entering America.


China is very safe and I highly recommend visiting or living here. There are many factors to why China is so safe, and I encourage you to come experience it for yourself.





Maybe too much.


(this is how I will lose my wallet tomorrow…)


I can walk around after midnight in any eastern city (the places I have been mostly) and know that nothing will happen to me.

Parks: there is a 24 hours park in front of my apartment. I have gone running there at any time. Day and n
ight: it does not matter. Have I ever been scared? Hell no. Have I interrupted some couples? Some times…that is why now I go running in the morning.Can I say the same about running in a park in Europe? No.


Guns:In China you are NOT allowed to have guns as easily as in Europe. USA freedom of guns: NO.


Police: literally everywhere (at least for big cities). There are so many different police man every where that you can simply ask them for help. They are not always helpful (as it happened to me in Shenzhen my second time I was there…), but they are present.


Cameras: in China you can find a camera observing you every single place you go (at least in the cities). Everything is registered and everything can be found easily. If you are a normal citizen.


I have been in China for 4 years (mostly in Shanghai and travelled to other cities), but I have never lost anything due to thieves or have never felt threatened by locals.


When I see locals arguing, I find it “funny” for 2 reasons: you hardly see anyone pushing or shoving and a crowd grows very quickly. Everyone wants to enjoy the show and everyone knows nothing will happen. Besides videos and pictures to be shared on the social media.


Having said this, let me warn of you some of potential threats:


Crossing the road
In China roads can be very dangerous for the number of cars — more people — more chances to find people who cannot drive properly
People walk without caring about red lights
Drivers cross without caring about red lights
Bikers cross without caring about red lights (I see a pattern here…)
The police is working to change some rude behaviours, but the fines are so small that drivers do not care

在中国,道路对于汽车数量来说非常危险 - 更多的人意味着更有机会发现行驶不正确的人

Drunk foreigners
Some of them can be very nasty and the police does not care so much about them
This happens mostly in big cities where you can find foreigners and they may feel too much entitled


Tea scams
If a stranger asks you to go and have tea with them in a tea house, just say NO!


Broken vase scams
some people will cross your way and pretend to get hurt, do NOT help them! (unless you want to be sued by them) (there are some rules being changed and hopefully they will implement the rule of the good sammaritan, but I am waiting for effective examples)
if someone crosses your way and “falls by chance”, just go ahead; you will avoid a lot of headache because these people are just trying to scam you or local people

如果有人在你前方过路并“偶然跌倒”,不要理他; 你会避免很多头痛,因为这些人只是想敲诈你或当地人。

This is an ongoing issue and it is improving slowly. Higher standards hopefully. As usual, buy food from trusted sources.
For bad experiences: feel free to use bing / yandex / google (with VPN if you are in China) and find the articles by yourself. Baidu cannot be relied upon for this.

糟糕的体验:不能随意使用bing / yandex / google(如果你在中国,请使用VPN)并自行查找文章。这是仅使用百度不能做到的。
I have lived in China for 14 years distributed amongst 4 cities in different parts of the country and visited many others cities.


I am a woman, and whether it is Shanghai, the bustling metropolis or Chongqing , a much more ‘Chinese’ city in the South West, or Shenzhen where I live now, I’ve never been teased on the street, ogled or leered at or, forget about being groped. I have had to walk home from metro stations at weird hours of night sometimes but have never felt scared.


A taxi driver once told me the reason why taxi in Shenzhen is safe, even at 1 am at night- ‘there are so many cameras around on the streets. It would have to be a mad person to try to do something.’

一位出租车司机曾经告诉我深圳出租车安全的原因,即使是凌晨1 - 街道上也有很多摄像头正在运转。在这样的监控下尝试做一些事情的人一定是一个疯子。

My daughter is 11 years old and recently I have started allowing her to take the metro on her own when needed. I wouldn’t dare do this in many other countries.


Sure I’ve heard about pick pockets and the like, but as far being ‘safe’ on the street is concerned, China has to be one of the safest countries in the world today.


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