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[原创-历史] 【王中王】谁才是美国总统中的NO.1?

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Who was the all time best President of the United States of America?
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Balaji Viswanathan
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself as a villain
                                                                                                          -- The Dark Knight
The academic consensus [dozens of surveys conducted over 7 decades] is that the top 5 Presidents are Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Washington, Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.
All of them were exceptional leaders. However, the top two folks - Lincoln and FDR had the benefit of dying in the office - at the peak of their careers [talking of coincidence, they both died exactly 5 months after winning their last elections]. They died a hero without having the time to become a villain.
Lincoln won the civil war, but the tough job of reconstruction was left to his successor [who fumbled it badly]. People saw the thing he did best [lead the country in war] while not seeing his fairly average performance when it comes to the economy or other things. Had he finished both his terms and then lived a life after that, it is possible that his ranking might have slipped a couple of places.
In case of FDR, war in Europe was almost over when he died in April 1945. Germany surrendered merely 2 weeks later. Unlike his successor Truman, he didn't have to face the question of how he would take Japan and the controversial use of the Atom bomb. FDR led the country through the Depression and the Second World War, but didn't have to face some of the tough post-war questions [such as what to do with USSR and how to reconstruct Germany].
George Washington was once again exceptional in leading the troops in the war, but his performance in other areas were quite average. However, he "died" a hero by exiting the President's office in 2 terms. Had he ruled longer, he might have seen his rank slip a plenty [in many modern democracies like India this happened - where a victorious hero stayed long enough in the office to lose the allure].
That leaves Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson. I believe those are the best leaders US had as their skills were far more diverse than just leading the country in a war. However, Roosevelt had an average later period as he tried to contest his own protege - Taft. He lost badly to his mentee in 1912 and also found it hard to manage the Congress in his second period.
Jefferson to me is among the most respectable. He was not just a war commander, but an intellectual leader - something very rare in large countries. He was the key man behind the Declaration of Independence. He doubled the size of the US through the Louisiana Purchase, without losing a single soldier. That is one  smart leader. He cut the troops and dramatically reduced the federal deficit, without which the young republic could have become bankrupt. However, even with his remaining troops he was able to push free trade by defeating the Barbary pirates near Tunisia.
He commissioned the Lewis & Clark expedition that helped the Americans greatly understand the land they lived and made slave trade illegal. He was far more intelligent than any of the other leaders and still managed to survive the White House [didn't get painted white yet]. He was religious, yet ran a secular office. He willingly retired from office [it had not become a custom yet - only Washington did that before].
Although he was not able to fight slavery fully, he tacitly provided support to the Slave revolution in Haiti as well as abolish international slave trade. He pushed for an abolishment of slavery west of the Great Lakes, but lost the bill in Congress by 1 vote. He had to cow-tow to the south and was not a perfect liberal in the subject, but was still ahead of most top leaders of his era.
Jefferson lived long enough, but he still died a hero [coincidentally on July 4].

你要么做为一个英雄死去 ,要么活得足够长看着自己堕落。






剩下西奥多·罗斯福和托马斯·杰斐逊。我相信这两个是美国最好的领导人,因为他们的技能远不止在战争中领导国家。然而,罗斯福在试图扶植自己的门徒 - 塔夫脱时,有一个平庸的晚期。他在1912输给了他的学生,同时在他的第二任期期间他也发现他已经难以对国会进行管理。




Marc Bodnick
Lincoln is the best US president, followed by Washington or FDR.
Lincoln's leadership during the Civil War resulted in (1) the continued union of our country, (2) the ending of slavery, and (3) the passage of the 13th amendment.
This was a very difficult / very uncertain war and required incredible resolve and leadership on Lincoln's part. And Lincoln's personal commitment to end slavery as part of a successful resolution of the war was critical to that outcome.
Lincoln's success is all the more remarkable considering his modest background and limited experience.  



Akyra DuPont
     It depends on what you mean by 'best'. I, as well as most others, would have presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and FDR  on the list. However, if we look at who was the most successful compared to what they promised in their campaigns, James K. Polk would be the winner.
     Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Polk, for I don't support how he initiated the Mexican-American War. However, every single thing he promised to do while president he did.
His Promises:
1.Serve only one term - Which he did, and he was the first president to voluntarily do so.
2.Lower Tariffs
3.Acquire California from Mexico - Polk did this and the war gave the US more land than just California.
4.Settle the Oregon Dispute - Polk proposed where the border of Oregon should be placed, and with minor modifications a treaty was signed with Britain
5.Establish a sub-treasury
Since Polk fulfilled everything he promised to do, he could be argued as the best (as in the most successful) President.


1.只做一个任期 -他做到了,他是第一个自愿这样做的总统。
3.从墨西哥获得加利福尼亚州 -波尔克做了,这场战争给美国带来了更多的土地,而不仅仅是加州。
4.解决俄勒冈州的争端 -波尔克提议把俄勒冈州的边界设在那里,并在稍作修改后与英国签署了一项条约。

Mike Schoultz
In my mind, Abraham Lincoln, hands down.
There is probably no better example of failure and persistence that I know of. Let me share Lincoln’s life history with you. This was a man who failed in business at the age of 21 ; was defeated in a legislative race at age 22; failed again in business at age 24; overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26; had a nervous breakdown at age 27; lost a congressional race at age 34; lost a senatorial race at age 45; failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47; lost a senatorial race at age 49; and was elected president of the United States at age 52.
Would you dare call him a failure? He could have quit anywhere along the line. But to Lincoln, defeat was a detour and not a dead end. And a great source of learning.
He worked to achieve mastery in law and politics. He gave his toughest rivals power and autonomy. In fact, he surrounded himself with rivals who excelled in areas where he was not strong. And despite his many failures, his life was an immense success.


据我所知,没有比这更好的失败和坚持的例子了。让我和你分享分享林肯的人生历史。这是一个21岁失业,在22岁的立法竞赛中被击败; 24岁时再次失败; 在26岁的时候克服了他的爱人之死; 27岁时精神崩溃; 在34岁时输掉了一次国会的竞选; 45岁时参加了一场参议院竞选; 未能在47岁时成为副总统; 49岁时参加了一场参议院竞选; 并在52岁时当选美国总统的人。



Sasha Trubetskoy
Certainly, many great and talented men have held the office. Some, such as Jackson or Grant, were perhaps more talented in other domains. But when it comes to choosing the best president ever, historians almost unanimously choose one of the three: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt.
I could make a solid case for either of the three, but my personal favorite is Abraham Lincoln.



Peter Flom
Of course, this is partly a matter of opinion.  There have been quite a few surveys of historians and there is general consensus on the top 3: Lincoln, FDR and Washington. Only Lincoln and FDR were ranked in the top 3 by every survey.
Lincoln would get my vote, as well.


Dan Holliday
The best overall leader (for critical thinking, clear-sightedness, ambition, communication, decisiveness) was Lincoln.  He was up against the most difficult odds of any president.  Washington had the unwavering support of the nation for most of his administration.  Roosevelt was up against fascism, but had a rubber-stamp Congress and -- by and large -- a nation who walked behind him.  Lincoln was hated by everybody in the south and wasn't much better off in the north.  

The most important president and the best president in terms of ramifications on the republic was Washington.  That's because he could have aspired to greater things (dictator, president for life, king), he set the tone and standard for future office-holders that was respected for more than a century and a half.  He laid the foundation upon which this successful republic sits.



Don Graham
I agree with Mark and John: Lincoln was given the hardest job (that of winning the Civil War), and had to combine infinite wisdom and patience to do it. He was let down by general after general who served under him, then found the man who won the war and backed him against much advice not to.
In addition, he was the best writer among Presidents—and possibly the best writer of any American ever. And on top of everything else, bills creating the transcontinental railroad and the land-grant colleges act passed during his tenure.


Joseph Wang
George Washington. If he messed up, there wouldn’t any been any other Presidents.
Abraham Lincoln comes in second for similar reasons.


Murray Godfrey
It's a pretty tough choice between George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  
I'm going to say Washington.  I say that because he had no precedent to draw on - he had to do everything from scratch and make precedent.   Also, he did more with less.
The country was truly more vulnerable from 1788-96 as a small republic with no military or economic base to speak of.  Washington was brilliant in avoiding war with Britain and dealing with the U.S.'s debt problem.  A second war with Britain at that period would have been disastrous.  Britain could have beaten us badly militarily and even if they didn't a war would have destroyed the U.S.'s finances that had still not recovered from the Revolution.  That probably would have resulted in some kind of resumption of control or at least financial dominance by Britain because the U.S. would have been completely bankrupt.   
Comparatively, by 1860 the U.S. was about 4 times physically larger than in 1788 with access to both oceans, the population was about 9 times larger, it had won an international war (against Mexico), was one of the largest agricultural suppliers worldwide, and had a relatively small, but robust and growing industrial base.  
Even though secession and civil war were very, very bad crises, Lincoln had more to work with.  
Also, I take into account how and when Lincoln died.   His 2nd term would have been pretty rough dealing with reconstruction.  Southerners and many democrats from the time hated him and their hate would have lingered for many decades.  
However, because Lincoln was tragically assassinated, he reached mythic hero status overnight and avoided having to preside over reconstruction, which would have been a no-win situation for him.  It's quite possible he could have opposed or used his influence to significantly alter the 14th and/or 15th amendments, and a strong possibility is that the 15th amendment would never have been passed.  Those were pushed by the radical republicans who were were far more pro-African American than Lincoln.   I find it unlikely Lincoln would have seen eye to eye with the radicals.  
Furthermore, the 1866 elections would probably have not gone so well for the republicans with Lincoln instead of Andrew Johnson as president, reducing the chance that a 15th amendment gets passed.  That would have tarnished Lincoln's reputation in the modern era since he would have been seen as repressing black civil rights.  Since he died when he did we can see him as the president that issued the emancipation proclamation and defeated the slave-holding confederacy; he never had to address the difficult question of blacks having citizenship or voting.



然而,由于林肯不幸被暗杀,他在一夜之间达到了神话英雄的地位,避免了不得不主持重建工作,这对他来说可能会是一个失败的的局面。他很有可能会反对或利用他的影响力来显著改变第十四和/或第十五修正案,而第十五修正案很有可能永远不会获得通过。推动这些法案的是比林肯更亲非裔美国人的激进共和党人。我觉得林肯不太可能与激进分子意见一致(注:第十四修正案:这一修正案涉及公民权利和平等法律保护,最初提出是为了解决南北战争后昔日奴隶的相关问题。修正案备受争议,特别是在南部各州,这些州之后为了能恢复联邦国会中的议席而被迫通过修正案。   第十五修正案:该法案禁止联邦或州政府根据公民的种族、肤色或以前曾是奴隶而限制其选举权。这条修正案于1870年2月3日通过,是三条重建修正案的最后一条)。


H.L. Chastain
George Washington
Why? When given the option to have complete power, he refused.
The man was the face and life of the American Revolution. His leadership inspired poor immigrants to attempt to fight the British Empire. After the war was won, General Washington resigned from his post and returned to his farm. Caesar, Napoleon, Lenin, etc. All were revolutionaries and all used their status to maintain a power they held til death, except Washington.
George Washington was so popular many historians believe he could’ve been King. He, however, refused to even consider the idea.
George Washington was elected universally. No one challenged him. They didn’t refuse to challenge him by force, but simply because he was so universally loved and trusted no man thought anyone more capable than Washington.
After two terms in office, 8 years total, George Washington proceeded to leave office by his own will. His voters begged him to run for a third term, but Washington simply refused. George Washington had no taste for power, and it is that simple quality that makes him the greatest President.
In fact, it’s said that King George III of Britain even agreed with that assessment…
King George III asked his American painter, Benjamin West, what Washington would do after winning independence. West replied, “They say he will return to his farm.”
“If he does that,” the incredulous monarch said, “he will be the greatest man in the world.”






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oo727 发表于 2018-1-13 16:47龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com

龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com认真的说,我觉得肯尼迪。因为我认为他是近代美国总统以后,唯一有改革愿望的人。如果不算奥巴马的医改的话。
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林肯吧,他是一个很有个人魅力的人。幼年贫困长相丑陋最终出人头地,顶住了内战的巨大压力最后取得胜利,废奴虽然是利益和历史大势推动的必然结果,但他的作用不可或缺,而且他对奴隶怀有的恻隐之心,但同时也不是一个无知的圣母。龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com
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“我认为战争是增强民族性格的最佳手段,苟且奢靡的风气正在东部年轻人当中,尤其是有产阶级的子女当中蔓延,我们需要一场战争来改变这种状况”-西奥多·罗斯福(Theodore Roosevelt)
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乔治·华盛顿。如果他搞砸了,就不会有其他总统了。龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com
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123070062 发表于 2018-1-13 18:19
龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com“我认为战争是增强民族性格的最佳手段,苟且奢靡的风气正在东部年轻人当中,尤其是有产阶级的子女当中蔓延 ...
龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com
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龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com嗯,介意我们学习一下你们最伟大的总统统一国家的强硬手段么?
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华盛顿,林肯罗斯福3位都很伟大啊。华盛顿领导建立美国 确立总统2任制,林肯南北统一, 解放黑奴相解放了劳动力相当于第2次革命,罗斯福领导了2战运作,让美国彻底成世界第1强国。
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林肯 罗斯福 不分伯仲 最好 其他的能力一般 邪恶值太高  比如 华盛顿剥人皮做皮鞋
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伟大的川普啊,还有疑问吗?龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com
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爱染仙衣 发表于 2018-1-13 17:24龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com
认真的说,我觉得肯尼迪。因为我认为他是近代美国总统以后,唯一有改革愿望的人。如果不算奥巴马的医改的 ...

龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com肯尼迪是准备向中国投核弹,并且准备付诸行动的总统!
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