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[原创-其它] 为什么中国人不信仰上帝,却信仰鬼魂、天使、祖先和灵魂之类的?

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Why don't the Chinese believe in God, but they do believe in ghosts, angels, ancestors, and spirits, etc.龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com
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Matthew Ming, PhD in Psychology, Life & Philosophy(心理学博士,生命与哲学)
When you say Chinese I assume you refers to the folk religion that a lot of Chinese believe in.

It's the same as not all Caucasians are Christians and not all Arabs are Muslims.

Ok, Chinese do believe in God. In fact in the Chinese folk religion they believe in God even more than the Abraham religions.

Just that, their gods are not the same god as yours. In Chinese folk religion there are GodS. A lot of Gods. Or in another name they are called Deities.

There's a God for everything akin to Patron Saints in Catholicism.

Then there's the king of all gods which is called the jade emperor.

So… yep! That's your answer

Martin Wang, lives in China(住在中国)
When in bad fortune, Chinese can blame it to ghost, and pray to all kinds of gods or buddas, if that works or comforts.

To the god and ghost, Chinese’s attitude is to stay at a respectful distance and mind their own business.

The most pragmatic people in the world.

Maybe because there is no history for an Christian tradition. We didn’t know much about God until maybe 1840s. But a tradition to respect our ancestors sprang from the first recognized dynasty of China. So did other things like ghosts. By the way, I don’t think many Chinese people believe in angels, except that you mean many celebrities like to name themselves by angel.

And Christian God is kind of foreign for us. And in contemporary days, despite of the official recognition of government, Christian is not approved by the Party and the government. And the mainstream ideology is materialism, which is against the idealism things, like God. Therefore, there is little space for the propagate of the Christian, especially the government is afraid that western power may interfere with our internal affairs with the tool of religion.

Tom Xu, Chinese who has overseas working experience(有海外工作经验的中国人)
Believing the existence of ghosts and gods doesn’t mean believe IN them.

Chinese treat all those ghosts, angels, ancestors and spirits as normal people in daily life. We never believe in them in a western sense.

Tom Liu, lives in China (1993-present)(1993至今居于中国)
To those who say we believe in any religion or any superstition, I recommend you to learn some Chinese and read this textbook:


Life and philosophy.

Mervyn谢, music(音乐)
In chinese ,there are differents between BELIEVE 接受 and BELIEVE IN 信仰. we believe people can make things and themselves better by keep work hard, be nice . Since we believe that people will go to hell. Will be punished After died.

Well the question itself is not really valid, if you are talking about Chinese as a race, not a nationality (mainland Chinese). Many Chinese in SEA with English names are often Christians.

But let’s assume you are talking about the latter case and the “God” you are talking about is the Christian God, Jesus.

The answer is really simple. Because these ghosts, angels story were either home-made or imported from neighboring countries like Buddhism from India. And if you take a look at the map, you will find Israel, the origin for Christianity is rather far from China, and separated by desert etc. So the geographic immobility restricted its spread in China.

While during Qing Dynasty and ROC period, the colonization of the Westerners did help the Christianity to spread in China. However, they were soon taken out during culture revolution due to 1. Hostility to the west 2. Their rather short and brief influence over the public, unlike the others, which are rooted among the mass

However, broadly speaking, the idea of god does exist in China and often referred to as Yu Huang Da Di (Jade Emperor) and the Kings(Emperors) of China oven claimed themselves the son of that guy =.=

Bull Zhou, lives in China(居于中国)
You’re misinformed. Almost every Chinese believe in one god, or two, or three. But Chinese gods are not your gods in the West.

Cuoco Huang
Personally, the fact should be there is no complete God system in China or ancient Chinese worshipped the power of nature and their ancestors a lot.

And China is a country starting from agricultural civilization, which makes Chinese practical. So still personally, Chinese might believe in the existence of God but hardly believe in any religious belief.

Chan Roberts, studied Religion & Special Education at Liberty University (2009)(2009年在自由大学学习宗教和特殊专业)
Individual Chinese hold a variety of beliefs and, yes, some of them even believe in God.

D. Parker
Because all humans are not foolish and brainwashed in the same exact way at all points of the globe.
How are my people are not the same?
Because they are different?

南 成, B.C Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu Normal University (2015)(2015江苏师范大学机械工程)
IN OUR CULTURE, we believe that gentlemen should always be self-improved. So we also beliveve in ourselves. But when we met Some challenges that we can not overome, we will try to relax pressure by praying to our dead ancestors. Those ghosts and gods are our ancestors . we think that we can change the world normally by our hands. And we are doing it。

James Fullwood, Special Researcher at Shanghai Jiao Tong University(上海交通大学特约研究员)
Chinese culture is over 5,000 years old, and the Chinese people’s general form of spirituality is a reflection of this. 5,000 years ago, mono-theistic religions which permeate modern society didn't exist. Moreover, the modern conception of “God” evolved from people’s beliefs in spirits, ghosts etc. (even Christians believe God to be the “holy ghost”), so the Chinese are pretty much just as spiritual as everyone else, just in a more ancient form.

Chuan Wong, lived in China(居于中国)
We donot believe God, but most of us believe Buddha( generally refer to GuanYin). The concept of universal salvation has been accpeted from serveral dynasties to present society. Meanwhile, ghost is the opposite side of Guanyin. so we believe the ghost will occur when people do something bad, and only Guanyin could save us.


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真没死 发表于 2017-9-10 17:09
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