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This U.S. Navy Problem Can’t Be Solved By Building More Ships


Shipyards are having problems.


by David Axe

作者:David Axe

Here's What You Need To Remember: “Against an enemy equipped with advanced anti-access/area-denial capabilities, attrition of U.S. capital assets—ships, planes, tanks—could be enormous.” And owing to a dearth of shipyards, the Navy might not be able to repair the damage in time to make a difference in the conflict.

这是你需要记住的事情:“针对装备有先进的拒止能力的敌人,美国资产(船舶,飞机,坦克)的消耗可能是巨大的。” 而且由于造船厂的匮乏,海军可能无法及时修复损伤而影响冲突结果。

That’s the dire conclusion that William Hawkins, a former Congressional researcher, reached when he studied government shipbuilding reports. Hawkins explained his alarm in an article in the August 2019 edition of the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings.

这是前国会研究员威廉·霍金斯在研究政府造船业时报告中得出的可怕结论。 霍金斯在2019年8月版的美国海军学院学报中的一篇文章中阐述了他的警告。

“Shipbuilders seem confident they can produce warships on the schedule the Navy has drawn up,” Hawkins pointed out. “The 355-ship target will not be reached until 2034; four presidential and seven Congressional elections will pass before then, presenting risks to continuity.”

霍金斯指出:“造船商似乎对他们能够按海军制定的时间表生产军舰充满信心。” “ 355艘船的目标要到2034年才能实现; 在此之前,将举行四次总统选举和七次国会选举,这给“政策”连续带来了不确定性。”

The Navy owns four shipyards. Four private firms between them own another seven yards. Eleven yards in total for a fleet that could grow to 355 ships, not counting scores of auxiliaries as well as Coast Guard vessels.

海军拥有四个造船厂。 它们之间的四个私有的公司又拥有七个船坞。 海军总共有11船坞,可以生产船只至355艘船,这还不算辅助船和海岸警卫队的数十艘船。

“In the face of the construction demands, capacity to repair battle damage resulting from combat in a distant theater such as the South China Sea seems to be lacking,” Hawkins wrote. “The Maintenance and Modernization report calls for expanding beyond the current 21 dry docks on the U.S. Pacific coast merely to reduce current backlogs in the normal routine. When something off schedule occurs, extraordinary measures have to be taken.”

霍金斯写道:“面对修建需求,似乎缺乏在南海等遥远战区进行战斗而造成的战斗损伤船只的修复能力。” “维护与现代化报告”呼吁将维修能力扩大到目前在美国太平洋沿岸的21个干船坞,为了减少正常情况下的任务积压。 当某些意外事情发生时,必须采取特别措施。”

Hawkins cites the example of the destroyer USS Fitzgerald as a cautionary example. Fitzgerald collided with a merchant vessel off the Japanese coast in June 2017. The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer suffered heavy damage.

霍金斯举了一个以驱逐舰“菲茨杰拉德”号的例子。 2017年6月,菲茨杰拉德号与一艘商船在日本沿海相撞。这艘阿利·伯克级驱逐舰遭受了严重损坏。

“The warship first limped to Japan for uation before being sent back to the United States for repairs,” Hawkins wrote.


At the time, the Navy stated, “Only [Ingalls] has the available capacity to restore USS Fitzgerald to full operational status in the shortest period of time with minimal disruption to ongoing repair and new construction work.” ...

当时,海军表示:“只有英格尔斯有能力在最短的时间内将菲茨杰拉德号驱逐舰恢复到全运行状态,而对正在进行的维修和新建工程造成的影响最小。” ...

Houston-based Patriot Shipping provided the heavy-lift vessel needed to carry the Fitzgerald home. She did not reach Pascagoula until January 2018 and did not leave the dry dock there until mid-April 2019, 22 months after the collision.

位于休斯敦的爱国者航运公司提供了将菲茨杰拉德驱逐舰带回工厂所需的重型船只。 它直到2018年1月才到达帕斯卡古拉,距离碰撞已有22个月,直到2019年4月中旬才离开干船坞。

There are plenty of other cautionary examples, Hawkins pointed out. “When the USS Cole (DDG-67) was damaged in suicide attack in Aden in October 2000, she also had to be transported back to the United States for repairs, on a Dutch heavy-lift vessel. The destroyer did not leave its Pascagoula dry dock until September 2001, a shorter stay than the Fitzgerald only because the damage was not as extensive.”

霍金斯指出,还有很多其他的令人警醒的例子。 “ 2000年10月,科尔号驱逐舰(DDG-67)在亚丁自杀袭击中受损后,它还必须被运送到美国,使用一艘荷兰重型半潜船。 直到2001年9月,驱逐舰才离开帕斯卡古拉船坞,比菲茨杰拉德停留的时间短,是因为破坏程度不大。

The destroyer remained in a Yokohama dry dock from January 2018 until late November, 15 months after the accident. In any Pacific Rim naval war, the hope is that Japan will be an active ally whose facilities would be available to U.S. warships. However, battle-damaged Japanese ships could be competing for repair capacity, and Japan’s yards might come under attack given their proximity to the combat theater.

自事故发生15个月后,从2018年1月至11月下旬,该驱逐舰一直滞留在横滨干船坞内。 在一些环太平洋海战中,希望是日本将成为一个积极的盟国,其设施将可供美国军舰使用。 但是,战损的日本战舰可能挤占修复能力,而且由于其在战场附近,日本的船坞可能会受到攻击。

And owing to a dearth of shipyards, the Navy might not be able to repair the damage in time to make a difference in the conflict.


David Axe serves as Defense Editor of the National Interest. He is the author of the graphic novels War Fix, War Is Boring and Machete Squad. This first appeared in August 2019.

大卫·阿克斯担任《国家利益》的国防编辑。 他是漫画小说《战争修正》,《无聊的战争》和《弯刀小队》的作者。 第一次出现在2019年8月。