Imran Roy, Science Journalist
None. Humans would continue to rule the world regardless.
Humans have not been ruling the planet for the last 150 centuries due to intelligence alone. No my friend, it has to do with a lot more than just intellect and brains.
Here is a list of some of the critical advantages which we humans have and other creatures just don’t have at all.


1. Language
The ability of complex language is lixed not only with very complex brain structure, but also with the larynx. We can make a lot of different types of voices because our larynx structure, our lips and our tongue structure allow it. Other animals do not have the ability to make complex sounds, so even if they all obtained human-level intellect, they would be unable to impart complex ideas and in-depth communication during their speech, which will be a huge disadvantage to them in any war for dominance.

1. 语言

3.Body posture
We humans can stand upright and can sit and lie in a variety of postures. This enables us to ride vehicles and fly aircraft. Even if other animals obtained human level intellect, they would be unable to drive a tank or fly a gunship helicopter due to their body posture.