December 14, 2020






By 2000, this partnership had ended due to differences in priorities between the two firms. Aermacchi created a version of itself with the designation M346, currently used by the Italian, Israeli and Singapore air forces. The Russians continue the Yak-130 project.

到2000年,这种合作关系已经结束,因为两家公司不同的重心。马基公司开发了一个名为 M346的机型,目前由意大利、以色列和新加坡空军使用。俄国人继续进行开发雅克 -130项目。

In 2002, it won a tender from the Russian government for training aircraft, and in 2009, the aircraft was put into service in the Russian Air Force. A total of about 140 Yak-130s were produced, the price for an aircraft is estimated at $15 million.




The appearance of the Yak-130 is quite ordinary compared to a light jet, but hidden inside are the most modern technologies. The fuselage is designed with perfect aerodynamic styling. A sharp nose in the front, behind it is a full-glass cockpit for two pilots.

于轻型喷气式飞机来说,雅克 -130的外观非常普通,但其内部隐藏着最先进的技术。机身设计具有完美的空气动力学外型。前面是一个尖尖的机头,后面是为两个飞行员设计的全玻璃座舱。

The pilots are arranged to sit in tandem, the main pilot or trainee in the front, auxiliary pilot or coach in the back. The cockpit is optimized for great visibility on all sides.


As an advanced pilot training aircraft, the Yak-130 is equipped with the most advanced avionics systems, ensuring that it can copy the characteristics of Russian 4th and 5th generation fighters. Full digital cockpit, four-channel digital Fly-by-wire system and Instructor controlled and variable Fly-by-wire system handling characteristics and embedded simulation. The type also has a Head-up display and a Helmet-Mounted-Sighting-System, with a double GPS and GLONASS receiver updating an Inertial Reference System for highly accurate navigation and precision targeting. The developer estimates that the plane can cover up to 80% of the entire pilot flight training program.

作为一种先进的飞行教练机,雅克 -130装备了最先进的航空电子系统,确保它可以模仿俄罗斯第四代和第五代战斗机的特点。全数字座舱、四通道数字电传飞行系统和教官控制和可变电传飞行系统的操作特点和嵌入式仿真。该型号还有一个平视显示器和一个头盔式瞄准系统,配备 GPS 和 GLONASS 接收机,更新惯性参考系统,以实现高精度导航和精确瞄准。开发人员估计,这架飞机可以完成飞行员整个飞行训练计划的80%。

The main wings of the Yak-130 swept-back, they had the wing roots extending forward of the airfrx, in line with the overall design. A total of 9 hard points are arranged to carry weapons, 1 on each wingtip, 3 under each wing, and 1 under the fuselage, with a capacity of up to 3 tons.


The Yak-130 can carry a variety of guided and un-guided weapons, auxiliary fuel tanks and electronic pods. According to the manufacturer, the plane was tested with all airborne weapons with a weight of up to 500 kg that are in service in the Russian Air Force.




The tail of the Yak-130 is designed with a single large vertical tail fin, two conventional horizontal fins mounted low above the engine exhaust. The Yak-130 uses a pair of Ivchenko-Progress AI-222-25 turbofan engines, producing 14.52 kN thrust each.

雅克-130的尾部设计有一个独立的大垂尾,两个传统的水平尾翼安装在发动机喷管的下方。雅克-130使用了一对伊夫成科进步设计局 AI-222-25涡扇发动机,每个发动机的推力为14.52 kN。

The engines are mounted under extended wing roots, they are aspirated by a pair of the Fly-by-wire system controlled engine intake blanking doors, in order to prevent the aircraft’s engines from sustaining Foreign obxt damage when operating from unpaved runways and grass strips.


Yak-130 can reach a maximum speed of Mach 0.93, equivalent to 1,060 km/h, operating range of 2,100 km, service ceiling of 12,500m, Rate of climb of 65 meters per second. The fully retractable landing system consists of two single-wheeled main landing gear legs and a single-wheeled nose landing gear leg.




At present, Yak-130 is active in air force of many countries including Russia, Algeria, Banladesh, Belarus, Laos and Myanmar. Syria has ordered 36 of these aircraft, but deliveries have been delayed due to the ongoing civil war in the country.

当前,雅克 -130在俄罗斯、阿尔及利亚、 孟加拉国、白俄罗斯、老挝、缅甸等多个国家的空军中服役。叙利亚也已经订购了36架这种飞机,但由于该国持续的内战,交付被延迟。

In addition to its role as a training aircraft, the Yak-130 can assume a ground attack role with high combat readiness and low cost. With a minimum speed of only 165 km/h, the Yak-130 has good low flying ability, which is an important feature of the attack aircraft. Armed Yak-130 will be the optimal solution for cost, quick response in the case of needing air fire support. The weapons it carries can easily destroy amphibious vehilce, infantry, armored vehicles, helicopters, transport aircraft and unmanned aircraft. Even, with short-range air-to-air missiles, Yak-130 can fully coordinate with the “big brother” to fight with enemy fighters.

除了作为教练飞机的角色,雅克 -130可以承担高战力和低成本的地面攻击角色。雅克 -130攻击机的最低速度为165km/h,具有良好的低空飞行能力,这是攻击机的一个重要特点。武装雅克 -130将是在需要空中火力支援解决使用成本、快速反应最佳的解决方案。它携带的武器可以轻易摧毁两栖车辆、步兵、装甲车辆、直升机、运输机和无人驾驶飞机。甚至使用短程空对空导弹,雅克-130也可以完全配合“老大哥”与敌人战斗机作战。