May 2, 2020


If Type-052C-class destroyers are considered the mainstay of the Chinese Navy, India’s Shivalik class is a formidable counterweight. Although classified as frigates, with the displacement of 6,200 tons and the firepower it carries, the Indian warships can match destroyers.


A special feature of Project 17 is that the entire aerodynamic shape of the ships is researched and designed by Indian Navy engineers. The ships have a very modern design style with high stealth capability, a trend that is prent in the development of warships today in the world. It is also seen as a symbol of self-development of military technology with India’s domestic potential.


The Shivalik-class frigates have a length of 142.5 m (468 ft) overall, a beam of 16.9 m (55 ft) and a draft of 4.5 m (15 ft), crew of 257 personnel including 35 officers. In addition to structural design, thermal, and acoustic stealth features make them less detectable to the enemy. Radar systems and engines have been modified to reduce and avoid detection and noise levels. The stealth capabilities of the Shivalik-class frigates are rated on par with those of the Swedish Visby-class corvette and French La Fayette-class frigate. Shivalik’s infrared signature is even lower than the two types of warships mentioned above.

希瓦利克级护卫舰总长142.5 m(468 ft),横梁16.9 m(55 ft),吃水4.5 m(15 ft),舰员257人,其中包括35名军官。除了结构设计之外,热辐射隐身和声学隐身功能还使敌人难以发现它们。雷达系统和引擎已经过改良,减少噪声水平以避免被探测。 希瓦利克级护卫舰的隐身能力与瑞典维斯比级护卫舰和法国La Fayette级护卫舰具有同等水平。 S希瓦利克级的红外信号甚至低于上述两种类型的军舰。

Shivalik is the first Indian naval vessel to use a combined diesel or gas propulsion system. Two Pielstick 16 PA6 STC diesel engines deliver 7,600 shaft horsepower and two GE LM2500 gas turbine engines deliver 33,600 shaft horsepower. The propulsion system gives a maximum speed of 32 knots and 22 knots with diesel engines in fuel economy mode.

希瓦利克级是印度第一艘使用柴汽油组合推进系统的海军舰艇。两台Pielstick 16 PA6 STC柴油发动机提供7,600马力,两台GE LM2500燃气涡轮发动机提供33,600马力。在经济航行模式下,柴油发动机的推进系统速度为32节和22节。

In terms of electronics and sensors, While China has chosen to copy unlicensed electronic systems and weapons of foreign countries to accelerate the modernization of military equipment, India has chosen to either buy or make it under license. This leads to delays and costly but in return the quality of these systems is comparable to that of technology transfer nations, and of course outperforms similar systems in China. The electronic system on the Shivalik-class frigates is considered the world’s leading modern. The vessels use a combination of electronic systems between Russia, India and the West.


These frigates are mounted a MR-760 Fregat M2EM 3-D air search radar, 4 MR-90 Orekh radars for gunboats and surface-to-air missile systems. These systems are supplied by Russia. One ELTA EL/M-2238 STAR long-range aerial surveillance radar, two ELTA EL/M-2221 STGR radar guidance systems. These two types of radar are developed by Israel Aerospace Industries Group. There is also a BEL APARNA electronic warfare system manufactured by Bharat Electronics of India.

这些护卫舰安装了MR-760 Fregat M2EM 3D空中搜索雷达,4部MR-90 Orekh雷达,用于舰艇和地对空导弹系统。这些系统由俄罗斯提供。一台ELTA EL / M-2238 STAR远程空中监视雷达,两套ELTA EL / M-2221 STGR雷达制导系统。这两种类型的雷达是由以色列航空航天工业集团开发的。还有印度巴拉特电子公司制造的BEL APARNA电子战系统。

For countermeasures, the ships are equipped with HUMSA hull-mounted sonar array systems and ATAS Sintra towed ATAR Sintra towed array systems developed by Thales Group of France.

作为应对,该舰配备了HUMSA船体声纳阵列系统和法国Thales集团开发的ATAS Sintra牵引式ATAR Sintra牵引式阵列系统。

The power of Shivalik-class frigates is a combination of weapons systems from Russia, Italy, Israel, and India. These included an Italian-made Oto Melara 76mm gunboat. This type of super rapid gun has an average rate of fire from 85 to 120 rounds per minute. Shtil-1 multi-channel medium range missiles with a range of 30km, arranged in front of the bow, a number of 24 missiles.

希瓦利克级护卫舰的火力是来自俄罗斯,意大利,以色列和印度的武器系统的组合。其中包括意大利制造的Oto Melara 76毫米舰炮。这种超快速炮的平均射速为每分钟85至120发。 Shtil-1多通道中程导弹,射程30公里,排列在舰首前方,有24枚导弹。

The ships are equipped with two AK-630 close-in weapon systems, a naval gun model researched and developed by the Soviet unx in the 1960s. The AK-630 has a very high rate of fire, up to 5000 rounds per minute. Another weapon system is also of Soviet origin, the two RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers, with 12 barrels each. The 12 launchers on the RBU-6000 are arranged in horseshoe shapes and the fire is controlled by the Burya system. There are also two 533 mm DTA-53-956 tubes for heavyweight torpedoes for engaging submarines and surface warships. Shivalik’s anti-submarine capability is also supported by two HAL Dhruv or Sea King anti-submarine helicopters. In addition, ships can also deploy two Russian Ka-31s. In particular, Shivalik-class frigates have powerful anti-ship capabilities thanks to the vertical launch system with 8 Klub-N anti-ship cruise missiles or 8 BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missiles. With the supersonic speed of BrahMos, most of the defense systems on the warships were rendered useless.

该舰配备了两个AK-630近防武器系统,这是苏联在1960年代研发的海军炮。 AK-630具有很高的射速,每分钟可达5000发子弹。另一个武器系统也来自苏联,是两个RBU-6000反潜火箭发射器,每个发射器有12管。 RBU-6000上的12个发射器呈马蹄形排列,火控由Burya系统控制。还有两条533毫米DTA-53-956管用于重型鱼雷,可与潜艇和水面战舰联合。两架HAL Dhruv或Sea King反潜直升机也支持撑hivalik的反潜能力。此外,战舰还可以部署两架俄罗斯Ka-31。特别是,由于具有8单元Klub-N反舰巡航导弹或8枚BrahMos超音速反舰导弹的垂直发射系统,Shivalik级护卫舰具有强大的反舰能力。凭借布拉莫斯的超音速速度, 军舰变得毫无用处。