December 5, 2020


Pakistan’s artillery will be supplemented with hundreds of Chinese-made 155mm SH-15 self-propelled howitzers




Pakistan’s artillery will be supplemented with hundreds of Chinese-made 155mm SH-15 self-propelled howitzers. That’s what the website News Nation reported on December 24, 2019. Accordingly, 236 howitzers will be purchased by Islamabad under a contract with China’s NORINCO. According to some sources, the cost of each SH-15 is about $ 2.1 million.




Compared to Sh-1 predecessor, SH-15 has several improvements. The better armored cabin accommodates a complete crew of 4 or 5 soldiers. The armor provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.


As mentioned above, the SH-15 retains the 155mm howitzer of the SH-1 and is provided with a semi-automatic loading system, allows to increase the rate of fire twice as fast as the conventional way. The gun barrel is fitted with a double baffle muzzle brake. When moving, the ordnance is held in position by a clamp located to the immediate rear of the cab, which is operated by remote control. When the SH15 is deployed in firing position, two large spades are lowered at the rear to provide a more stable firing platform, allowing it to maintain accuracy when firing at high speed.




The SH15 has a maximum firing range of 20 km with standard ammunition and 53 km with a rocket-assisted projectile. The maximum rate of fire is 4 to 6 rounds per minute. It is compatible with all standard 155 mm NATO ammunition, as well as indigenous ammunition developed by NORINCO.


A special feature of this howitzer is that the chassis system is capable of raising or lowering depending on the terrain conditions and the payload. The built-in ammunition boxes are located on the each side of the vehicle quite clearly, and are easily affected when the vehicle is moving on rough roads. A total of 48 rounds of ammunition reserve. Elevation and traverse is hydraulically operated.


Overall, this self-propelled howitzer system is highly mobile and powerful. It can be deployed at long distances or can be transported by medium transport aircraft. It is light enough to be carried by Y-9 or similar military transport aircraft. SH-15 will be a flexible choice for quick reaction units, enhanced combat power, survivability, automation, and digitization for artillery forces.

综上所述,这种自行榴弹炮系统具有高度的机动性和强大的火力。它可以长途机动部署,也可以由中型运输机运输。它足够轻以至可以由Y-9或类似的军用运输机运输。 SH-15将是快速反应部队、增强的战斗力、生存能力、自动化和火炮部队数字化的灵活选择。