Mil Mi-24 Hind – Regarded by the Americans as a Symbol of the “Soviet Threat”

Mi-24 雌鹿 –美国人视为“苏联威胁”的符号

December 3, 2020


The Mi-24, also known as Crocodile or Hind. It has proven itself to be an ideal combat aerial vehicle to support infantry fire




Since its first appearance in the Soviet-Afghanistan war, Mi-24 helicopters have been regarded by the Americans as a symbol of the “Soviet threat”. Mi-24 was the first Soviet specialized attack helicopter and the second in the world after the AH-1 “Cobra”. It has various versions and has been exported to many countries, with an estimated 58 countries possessing these attack helicopters.

自从Mi-24直升机首次在苏阿战争出现以来,美国人就将其视为“苏联威胁”的符号。 Mi-24是第一种苏联专用攻击直升机,仅次于AH-1“眼镜蛇”。它有各种型号,并已出口到许多国家,估计有58个国家装备了这些攻击直升机。

During the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, battles between Iraq’s Mi-24 and Iran’s Bell AH-1 Cobra were frequent. The strangest aerial combat involving “Crocodile” occurred in Lebanon on June 8, 1982. The Syrian Mi-24 attacked an Israeli armored convoy in the Bekaa valley. The Israelis called for air support, and two “Phantom” fighters arrived from the nearest airport. In fact, in a clash with the fighter, the helicopter had almost no chance. However, when the “Phantom” had left the battlefield, the Syrian pilot turned around quickly, launched P-60 short-range missiles and destroyed both targets!




This project was delivered to manufacturer Mil, the design was later officially called Mi-24. The development of Mi-24 was speeded up by inheriting the production line and the design of the Mi-8 helicopter series. The first flight took place in 1969, It entered service with the Soviet unx in the late 1970s, and more than 2,500 have been produced.


Today Mi-24 is still in service of more than 30 countries. This is a true warrior, experienced battle, was participated in the Afghanistan, Chechnya war and many other military conflicts.


The helicopter has an empty weight of 8.5 tons, maximum takeoff weight of 12 tons. The basic dimensions include fuselage length of 17.5m (57.41 ft), height of 6.5m (21.33 ft), and main rotor diameter of 17.3m (56.76 ft).

直升机的空载重量为8.5吨,最大起飞重量为12吨。包括机身基本尺寸长为17.5m(57.41 ft),高度6.5m(21.33 ft)和主旋翼直径17.3m(56.76 ft)。

Original versions have an angular greenhouse-style cockpit; Model D and later have a characteristic tandem cockpit with a “double bubble” canopy. This gunship is operated by a team of three, including pilot, gunner and fly engineer. The cockpit is configured for two personnel including the pilot in the rear and the gunner at the front. The pilot accesses the cockpit through the door on the starboard side while the gunner’s door opened to the portside.

原始型号有一个倾斜的球形驾驶舱; D型及以后的型号是典型的双人座舱,带有“双气泡”顶篷。该武装直升机由三个人组成的机队进行操作,包括飞行员,机枪手和飞行工程师。座舱配置为两名人员,包括后方的飞行员和前方的机枪手。飞行员通过右舷侧的门进入驾驶舱,而机枪手的门向左舷打开。

Other airfrx components came from the Mi-14 “Haze”. Two mid-mounted stub wings provide weapon hardpoints, each offering three stations, in addition to providing lift. The loadout mix is mission dependent; Mi-24s can be tasked with close air support, anti-tank operations, or aerial combat.

其他机身部件来自Mi-14“霾”。两个安装在中部的实心机翼提供武器挂点,每个还提供三个挂架,提供额外的挂载。加载组合取决于任务需求; Mi-24的任务是近距离空中支援、反坦克作战或空战。



In terms of weapons, during its evolution, the Mi-24 was equipped with a range of powerful weapons. On most variants, the helicopter was fitted with a flexible 12.7 mm Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B Gatling gun with a maximum of 1,470 rounds.

在武器装备方面,Mi-24在发展过程中配备了一系列强大的武器。在大多数型号中,直升机都配备了灵活的12.7毫米Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B加特林机枪,最高射速可达1,470发子弹。

On the Mi-24P variant it was replaced with the GSh-30 gun. For greater flexibility, a twin-barrel GSh-23L autocannon was also mounted in a turret on the Mi-24VP and Mi-24VM variants.


There was also a GIAT dual feed 20mm autocannon mounted on the Superhind variants.


The helicopter has six hardpoints on the stub wings, it can carry a total of 1.5 tons of weapons. Weapons are equipped depending on the task, Mi-24 can carry anti-tank missiles, rocket launchers and bombs. This gunship could be used for air support, anti-tank or aerial combat.

直升飞机的机翼上有六个挂点,总共可携带1.5吨武器。 米-24可以根据任务需要配备武器,米-24可以携带反坦克导弹,火箭发射器和炸弹。该武装直升机可用于空中支援、反坦克或空战。



Mi-24 is equipped with a pair of Isotov TV3-117 turboshaft engines, providing a capacity of 2,200 horsepower each. The helicopter can reach a maximum speed of 335 km/h, a range of 450 km and a service ceiling of 4,900m.

米-24配备了一对Isotov TV3-117涡轮轴发动机,每个发动机可提供2200马力。直升飞机的最高时速可达335公里/小时,航程450公里,最高飞行高度为4,900m。



Crocodile has a significant transport capacity, it can carry up to 8 fully equipped soldiers, or 12 partially equipped soldiers. Due to this feature, it is often used in a different way than other attack helicopters.




The Mi-24 was involved in almost every major battle of the Soviet and Russian forces today. These helicopters were used by the Soviet army in high frequency during the Afghanistan War of 1979-1989, mainly were air strikes against Mujahideen warriors. During this war, Hind proved effective and reliable, recognized by both Soviet pilots and Mujahideen forces. Mujahideen’s nickname for the Mi-24 was “Satan’s Chariot” because of its obvious reputation. Hind was also used frequently in the Iraqi Army during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War. Its heavy armament was the key factor that inflicts tremendous damage to enemy ground forces.

米-24几乎参与了当今苏俄军队所有的重大战斗。这些直升机在1979-1989年的阿富汗战争期间被苏联军队频繁使用,主要是对圣战者的空袭。在这场战争中,雌鹿被证明是有效和可靠的,得到了​​苏联飞行员和圣战者部队的认可。 Mujahideen对Mi-24的绰号是“撒但的战车”,因为它的名声很高。在1980-1988年的两伊战争期间,雌鹿也经常在伊拉克军队中使用。它的重型武器是对敌方地面部队造成巨大破坏的关键因素。

With such a wealth of achievements and popularity in the military world, it is not surprising that Mi-24 is favored by filmmakers and game makers in their works. Gamers are probably no stranger to the Mi-24 as it appears frequently in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, or Modern Warfare Remastered.