November 24, 2020
Caesar 8×8 version was unveiled at 2015 Defence and Security Equipment International in London.




By 2028, as planned, France will produce 259 new generation CAESAR self-propelled howitzers for a range of customers around the world. According to what the French Nexter Systems company has revealed to the media, in the 2018 to 2028 period, the company will perform contracts to supply hundreds of CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzers. Specifically, Nexter will provide 147 standard CAESAR 6×6 and 112 units based on an 8×8 wheel chassis.

到2028年之前,按照计划,法国将为全球范围的客户生产259辆新一代凯撒自动榴弹炮。根据法国耐世特系统公司向媒体透露的消息,在2018年至2028年期间,该公司将履行合同,向客户供应数百辆凯撒 155毫米自行榴弹炮。具体来说,Nexter将以8×8车轮底盘为基础提供147个标准的6×6 凯撒和112个单位。

About CAESAR 8×8, this is an upgraded version of CAESAR 6×6 self-propelled howitzer. Sometimes this artillery system is referred as CAESAR 2. The original version was designed and manufactured by the former GIAT Industries, now known as Nexter from the early 1990s for the French army. In the combat history, it was used in Afghanistan in 2001, the Cambodia-Thailand border conflict in 2008 or the 2016 Mosul battle in Iraq.

关于凯撒 8×8,这是凯撒 6×6自行榴弹炮的升级版。有时,这种火炮系统被称为凯撒2。原始版本是由前GIAT工业公司设计和制造的,该工业公司从1990年代初开始被法国军队命名为Nexter。在战争史中,它曾在2001年的阿富汗,2008年的柬泰边境冲突或2016年的伊拉克摩苏尔战斗中使用过。

Caesar 8×8 version was unveiled at 2015 Defence and Security Equipment International in London. The new system was developed to meet customers’ higher requirements for maneuverability, weapons control systems, and fast deployment time.




CAESAR 8×8 is built on a new truck, Tatra T815-7 8×8. It has higher payload capacity and cross-country mobility than the original CAESAR, which was based on a 6×6 chassis. The 8×8 version can carry 30 rounds, nearly double that of its predecessor.

凯撒 8×8基于新卡车Tatra T815-7 8×8底盘上。与基于6×6底盘的原CAESAR相比,它具有更高的有效载荷容量和越野机动性。 8×8版本可以携带30发炮弹,差不多是其原型的两倍。

The cabin is angular design, enough room for a crew of four or five including a commander, a driver, a gunner and 2 loaders. The standard version is un-armored, with the option of two or four doors. There is an option for an armored cab, capable of ballistic protection according to STANAG 4569 level 3, provides protection for the crew against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

机舱采用棱角设计,足以容纳四,五名机组人员,包括一名指挥官,一名驾驶员,一个炮手和两个装弹手。标准版本没有装甲,可以有两扇或四扇门配置选项。根据STANAG 4569 3级标准,有一个防弹装甲的可选配件,具有进行弹片防护,可以保护机组人员免受小型武器攻击和炮弹碎片的伤害。

While the 6×6 version only weighs 17.7 tons, the Caesar 8×8 is much heavier, ranging from 28.4 to 30.2 tons, depending on its armor configuration. Caesar 8×8 also has a longer length, which is 12.3m, width is 2.8m while the height is slightly lower with 3.1m.

而6×6版本仅有17.7吨,凯撒 8×8更重,从28.4到30.2吨不等,具体取决于其装甲配置。凯撒8×8的长度也更长,为12.3m,宽度为2.8m,高度略低,为3.1m。



The 8×8 drivetrain ensures the vehicle can climb forward slopes up to 40%, side slopes of 30%, easily cross 2.1m deep trenches and wade at a depth of 1.2m without preparation. The maximum cruising range of more than 600 km.




Compared to the original version, the gun of CAESAR 8×8 has no significant changes. At the heart of this truck-mounted artillery system is a 155 mm howitzer, capable of direct and indirect firing. It is equipped with an all-new fully-automatic reload system that allows the howitzer to fire at a rate of 6 to 8 rounds per minute. Nexter Systems also offers a semi-automatic loading system option, and it also needs additional personnel to operate.

与最初版本相比,凯撒 8×8的炮没有重大改变。 155毫米榴弹炮是这种车载式火炮系统的核心,能够进行直接和间接射击。它配备了全新的全自动装填系统,可使榴弹炮以每分钟6至8发炮弹的速度发射。 Nexter Systems还提供半自动加载系统方式,还需要人员进行操作。

CAESAR 8×8 fires all standard 155mm NATO ammunition, including conventional HE-FRAG and and rocket-assisted rounds, cargo rounds with anti-tank or fragmentation bomblets, smoke and illumination rounds. It is also capable of firing precision-guided BONUS or SPACIDO anti-tank munitions. The BONUS rounds have a range of 34 km; with rocket-assisted HE-FRAG ammunition, the maximum range is 42 km and up to 55 km with VLAP projectile.

凯撒 8×8能发射所有标准的155毫米北约弹药,包括常规的HE-FRAG弹和火箭辅助弹,带有反坦克或破片杀伤炸弹,烟雾弹和照明弹。它也能够发射精确制导的BONUS或SPACIDO反坦克弹药。增程为34公里;使用火箭辅助的HE-FRAG弹药,最大射程为42公里,而VLAP射弹最大射程为55公里。

The weapon control system has been upgraded, the aim and angle mechanism are automated with the control panel to the left side of the cannon. The 155mm cannon has a powered elevation of maximum +72° and traverse 30° left/right and a large hydraulically operated spade is lowered at the rear to provide a more stable firing platform.

武器控制系统已升级,瞄准镜和角度机通过位于大炮左侧控制面方式控制。 155毫米加农炮的最大仰角最大为+ 72°,向左/向右移动30°,后部下方配备了一个大型液压铲,以提供更稳定的射击方式。

The CAESAR 8×8 is capable of Multiple-Round Simultaneous Impact firing. It can launch a couple of projectiles, each in different trajectories, so that all of the shells arrive on target at the same time. A single artillery system can land on target with no warning multiple shells. Such way of firing can be very effective. All the firing operations are performed outside of the vehicle.

凯撒 8×8能够进行多发同时击中射击。它可以发射两个弹丸,每个弹丸的弹道不同,因此所有炮弹可同时到达目标。这种射击方式可能非常有效。所有射击操作均在车辆外部完成。

The hydraulic lifting mechanism and automatic loading system help deployment or recovery time within in less than 1 min. A company of 8 CAESAR within 1 minute can create a rain of artillery shells on targets at a distance of 40km. In option, the roof of the truck cab can be fitted with a remotely operated weapon station armed with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm gun.


In addition to synchronizing the battlefield information with the command center, each CAESAR battery is equipped with the Sagem Sigma-30 navigation system and global positioning system, making them able to operate independently without the battlefield reconnaissance and target guided units. If integrated into the C4I system, which is command, control, communications and intelligence system, CAESAR can self-adjust ammunitions and sext valuable targets to increase the damage.