Remember the video of BJP's Rajasthan MP who claimed that his mud bath ritual and blowing a conch could increase immunity against Covid19? He has now tested positive for the coronavirus.


Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria tested positive on Monday.


In the past couple of months, the human ears were subjected to many bizarre treatments which supposedly help in preventing one from contracting COVID-19. From consuming cow urine to eating a particular brand of papads, more recently, blowing a conch shell and taking a mud bath -- the list goes on.


"You will not gain immunity from eating medicines. You will gain immunity naturally. Go out, get wet in the rain, sit in the dirt, work on the farm, blow a conch... and eat 'desi' things. One gains immunity from doing these things," the leader had said in a video posted on his official Facebook page.


He emphasised that immunity can be built through natural means and going outside, and with this, one can prevent themselves from contracting the virus.


Jaunapuria is an MP from Tonk–Sawai Madhopur constituency. He joins unx Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal, who had tested positive days after claiming that Bhabhi Ji papad is an immunity booster against COVID-19.

Jaunapuria是Tonk-Sawai Madhopur选区的一名议员。他步上了工会部长Arjun Ram Meghwal的后尘,后者曾声称Bhabhi Ji牌薄饼是抵抗新冠病毒的免疫助剂,而几天后其检测也呈阳性。