Vladislav Antonov
I love reading history books and each country has its own disgraceful history. It is hard to say which one is “THE MOST”, but Ukraine is one of “THE MOST DISGRACEFUL”. Let me go step by step to explain why. ( I am sorry for some historical inaccuracy, since I am trying to give you just some general idea, not write the history book).
In 1237 Mongols started their invasion of Kievan Rus. Territories of Modern Ukraine were occupied by mongols, many cities were burned, sacked and destroyed. For hundreds of years, people had to pay taxes to Mongols. Any refusal would end up in enslavement or slaughter.
During 14th century, Ukrainian lands were invaded by Poland (and Lithuania). Later it transformed into Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Majority of Ukrainians were peasants, working on farms as serfs. In fact, the majority of population were illiterate serfs who worked for Polish masters.

我喜欢读历史书,每个国家都有自己不光彩(可耻)的历史,很难说哪一个是“最不光彩(可耻)的” ,但乌克兰一定是最不光彩(可耻)的国家之一。
( 我为所述历史上一些不那么准确的信息道个歉,因为我只是试图给你们一些大概的概念,而不是写历史书 )
14世纪,乌克兰领土遭到波兰 ( 和立陶宛) 的入侵,后来它变成了波兰立陶宛联邦,大多数乌克兰人是农民,在农场里当农奴,事实上,大多数乌克兰人是不识字的农奴,为波兰主子工作。

Ukraine was constantly raided by Ottomans and Tatars. Different historians give different estimates, but from 250,000 to 3 million Ukrainians were captured, enslaved and sold in slave markets in Crimea (They were sold mostly to Ottoman Empire and Northern Africa).
In May 1775, capital of Ukrainian Cossacks (Zaporizhska Sich) was destroyed by the order of Empress Catherine and stopped to exist.
During WW-1, Ukrainians were fighting each other on two sides: Half of Ukraine belonged to Austro-Hungarian Empire, while other half belonged to Russian Empire. Ironically, but quite often, Ukrainians had to fight against other Ukrainians under command of foreigners who even didn’t speak their language.
After revolution in Russian Empire, Ukraine proclaimed its autonomy and Independence from Russian Empire. Western Ukraine did the same (from Austro-Hungarian Empire). Millions of people were killed during 3 years of non-stop war between Ukrainians, Russians, Poles - communists, nationalists, German occupants, “white” movement (monarchists), and anarchists.
- So, Ukraine declared it independence and even united with Western Ukraine to form one country…. Not for a long. Shortly after, both newly formed communist Russia from East and “nationalist” Poland from the West attacked Ukraine and occupied. Independent Ukraine stopped to exist again.

第一次世界大战期间,乌克兰人两面作战: 一半的乌克兰属于奥匈帝国,另一半属于俄罗斯帝国,讽刺的是,乌克兰人经常不得不在外国人的指挥下与其他乌克兰人作战,而这些外国人甚至不会说他们的语言。
俄罗斯帝国革命后,乌克兰宣布脱离俄罗斯帝国独立,西乌克兰也从奥匈帝国独立了出来, 乌克兰人、俄罗斯人、波兰共产主义者、民族主义者、德国占领者、“白人”运动 ( 君主主义者 ) 和无政府主义者之间持续3年的战争中,数百万人丧生。

In 1991 Ukraine gained its independence but not for a long. In 2004, Ukraine had first, “bloodless” revolution. New President was elected but he failed to fulfill his promises so his rival got elected during next elections, which ended up as another revolution (2014), which took away more than 150 lives. I was an active participant of this revolution (coup).
After the revolution, Russia occupied Crimea and Military Conflict in Donbass emerged. Almost 10000 people were killed, millions displaced, economy is ruined.
For me, this is one of the most disgraceful history you can think of. I can’t think of any century, when Ukraine didn’t have some sort of invasion from neighbors or civil war, or oppression.

1991年,乌克兰获得了独立,但独立时间不长,2004年,乌克兰发生了第一次 "不流血 "的革命,新的总统当选后没有履行他的承诺,所以他的对手在下一次选举中当选,最后成为另一场革命(2014年),夺走了150多人的生命,我是这次革命(政变)的积极参与者。