MUMBAI: Covid-19, coupled with tensions between India and China, have delayed tunnelling work for the underground section of the coastal road. The components of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) were imported from China in April. Since then they have been lying at the work site at Priyadarshini Park, Napeansea Road, waiting for specialists to assemble them. The TBM will be the biggest yet to be used in any project in India.

新冠病毒,加上印度和中国之间的紧张关系, 延误了孟买沿海公路地下段的隧道施工。盾构机的部件是4月从中国进口的。从那时起,它们就躺在普里亚达希尼公园的工地上,等待专家组装。该盾构机是迄今为止在印度所有项目中使用的最大的。

“After the machine is assembled, we need to test it to start the actual work. But even for that we need engineers from the Chinese company that manufactured the machine. It was tested in China in December 2019, before being dismantled for shipping to India, but a test needs to be done again after it is assembled,” the official said.


As per reports, eight of 18 TBMs currently in the city for the Metro 3 project have been manufactured by Chinese-owned firms. The remaining 10, though are by companies registered in the West, too have been manufactured in China.