Wasut Pornpatcharapong, lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand (2018-present) Answered July 18
Amongst major SEA economies (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam), the title belongs to Thailand.We have looming demographics time bomb, and we got stuck in the middle income trap. We fail to ride the wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Compared to other major SEA economies, we don't even have unicorns.



We are also mired in political instability, and we are destined to be greatly affected by global warming (Bangkok is slightly above the sea level). With COVID-19, tourism as an industry that provides much-needed hard currency for our economy also came to a screeching halt. Our income inequality is also among the worst in the world.But development and progress are dynamical. Thailand's prospects may seem so bleak now, but hey, who knows what the future may hold? Maybe someday someone will come in and turn things around.