Joshua Gross, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at CSUMB
Answered October 26, 2019
When I was a kid, stereotypes were used heavily in humor, and stereotypes of people from foreign countries were especially common. Japanese people always had cameras, German people were gruff, French people were rude. Americans were fat, lazy, messy, loud, and uneducated.

Joshua Gross, CSUMB计算机科学助理教授:

If you look at standardized exams for other countries, they emphasize rigor. However, that’s their focus: rigor. Not creative or lateral thinking. Not critical thinking. Not problem solving. Japanese students have been demonstrated to know more about US geography than American students in some random tests, and that’s frustrating, but memorizing geographical facts has little bearing on life. Students in many Asian countries are required to rapidly perform multicolumn multiplication, but they don’t demonstrate a deeper understanding of arithmetic reasoning than American students; they just learn useful ways to perform calculations.