Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has revealed his planned nuptials with sex-doll fiancee Margo have fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, you read that right.

哈萨克斯坦健美运动员尤里·托洛奇科(Yuri Tolochko)透露,他计划与性玩偶未婚妻玛戈(Margo)举行婚礼,却赶上了冠状疫情。是的,你没看错。

Muscleman Tolochko recently sent social media into a spin when he announced his plans to wed plastic lover Margo, having first shared news of their relationship back in May of 2019.


But the Kazakh hulk has now revealed that the wedding is on hold due to Covid-19 curbs.


“Friends, the wedding has been postponed because of the quarantine,” Tolochko announced to his 36,000 Instagram followers.


The couple apparently remain determined to tie the knot however.
“As soon as they remove the quarantine, within a few days we’ll have the wedding,” Tolochko added.


Tolochko and his plastic partner have become social media stars and have also appeared on TV shows, including in Russia.


The bodybuilder claims to have become inseparable from Margo since their first encounter, even saying he had learnt to cook khinkali – apparently his girlfriend’s favorite dish.

这位健美运动员声称,自从他们第一次相遇以来,他就和玛戈形影不离,甚至说他已经学会了做 "khinkali" ——显然是他女朋友最喜欢的菜。

Happier days await as the couple continue their plans to take the plunge, although it remains unclear exactly how their wedding vows would be officially registered.