Puripant Ruchikachorn, lived in Tokyo生活在东京

Tokyo: I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD SO MUCH. Try its omakase, go to Tsukiji market etc. Tokyo Disney Sea is also amazing. The metro system is very efficient but can get a little too complicated because it’s a vast network. I had difficulty navigating coz the command of English of the Japanese is really not as good as the other cities, but the excellent service and constant courtesy make up for that. There’s also a great deal of funky culture, from anime to maid cafe to Harajuku style. Tokyo is an amazing destination for food, culture and attractions!
Seoul: Korea is really known for its cosmetic brands. You will find affordable and good cosmetic shops everywhere. I also love Korean food, from kbbq to ginseng chicken soup. Myeongdong is an amazing paradise for everything! Also there’s historically significant places to visit such as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and the Korean War museums. There are hidden cute cafes. If you are into k-pop and k-drama, you can learn from me and plan a list of cafes opened by k-pop stars or scenes that have appeared in k dramas :)


Taipei: I really love Taipei for its emphasis on books and culture. Out of all these cities, Taipei is the one city that still retains a strong reading culture. It has a famous bookstore chain called ChengPin which is popular amongst people. It also has a strong street food culture and be sure to visit its night market!
HongKong: HK is known for its dimsum and yumcha. The DisneyLand was too small and boring. The people there are not as courteous as those from the other cities and you don’t get treated as well as the natives if you don’t speak Cantonese. The islands around HK such as Llama Island are charming though.
Bangkok: BKK has so much cheap stuff from food to clothes! It has an eclectic mix of high fashion and affordable apparel. It also has great street food but take note of hygiene. Two of my friends came down with stomach flu from it. It has an emerging cafe culture and there are cafes that are really quaint and cute! I haven’t been to BKK for a long time so what I comment is mostly from what I have heard from friends.