"Herman Cain, one-time Republican presidential candidate and enthusiastic Trump supporter, sprang an unsettling surprise on Wednesday when his Twitter account abruptly began publishing posts – two weeks after Cain died from coronavirus.

“Herman Cain这位曾经的共和党总统候选人与川普的狂热支持者,在已去世两周后其推特账号却于周三突然开始发帖,让大家惊讶之余又感到了不安”。

When it abruptly came to life, one of the first posts was to attack Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who was unveiled as Biden’s running mate on Tuesday."*

当它突然被激活后首先发布的就是用来攻击乔拜登以及Kamala Harris的帖子,Kamala Harris在周二已被确定为拜登的竞选搭档。