All summer, demonstrators have marched through Chicago to protest police misconduct. In many neighborhoods, gun violence has been unrelenting, soaring to levels not seen in decades. The coronavirus pandemic is resurging, now sickening hundreds of people each day.


Then early Monday morning, hundreds of people, spurred by a police shooting and by calls on social media to take action in the gleaming heart of the city, converged on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s most famous shopping district. They broke windows, looted stores and clashed with the police, a chaotic and confusing scene that prompted city officials to briefly raise bridges downtown and halt nearby public transit to stem the unrest.

周一清晨,数百人在警察枪击事件和社交媒体的呼吁下,聚集在芝加哥最著名的购物区---- 华丽一英里。他们打破窗户,抢劫商店,并与警察发生冲突,混乱的场景,促使市政府官员在市中心短暂地吊起桥梁,并停止附近的公共交通以平息骚乱。

Two people were shot and at least 13 police officers were injured.