‘Not handling the pandemic well’: Man fires at officers with AK-47 after refusing to wear a mask, police say



When a cigar shop clerk told Adam Zaborowski on Friday he had to wear a mask in the shop, the 35-year-old angrily refused. Instead, he grabbed two stogies, stormed outside — and then pulled a handgun and shot at the clerk, Bethlehem Township, Pa., police said.

警方表示上周五在宾夕法尼亚州伯恒利镇的一家雪茄店中当Adam Zaborowski被要求在店内必须戴口罩时,这名35岁的男子愤怒的拒绝了。非但如此他还抢走了两条雪茄然后冲出店外 - 接着又拔出手枪向店员射击。

“He just wasn’t dealing well with the loss of his job, the loss of his child, just not handling the pandemic well,” John Waldron told the Express-Times on Sunday, while noting those factors didn’t justify his violent conduct. “I think he was getting stretched too tight.”

“他只是应付不了失业和失去孩子的打击,而且也适应不了疫情时期,”John Waldron在周日接受Express-Times采访时如此表示, 这当然不能证明他的暴力行为是正当的“但是我觉得他是那根弦绷得太紧了。”

In recent weeks, police say arguments over masks have led to the vicious beating of Trader Joe’s employees in New York, the fatal shooting of a Family Dollar store security guard in Michigan, and the shooting of a McDonald’s worker in Oklahoma. That violence adds more challenges for retail stores and restaurants where workers are left to dictate mask rules that authorities often haven’t given police the option to enforce.

警方称最近几周涉及口罩强制令的争议已经导致纽约Trader Joe员工被毒打,密歇根州一名家庭美元店保安遭枪击身亡,俄克拉荷马州一名麦当劳员工遭枪击,这些暴力事件给零售商店和餐馆带来了更多的挑战,这些地方的员工都必须要遵守口罩禁令但当局却经常没有给警察相关的强制执法权。

Zaborowski’s alleged rampage started Friday morning at Cigars International in Bethlehem Township, where he adamantly argued he didn’t have to wear a mask, even after a clerk offered to serve him curbside.


Instead, Zaborowski pulled out a sheet of paper to point out a line in Pennsylvania state law that he insisted proved he didn’t have to wear a mask, a witness to the scene told WFMZ. In fact, Pennsylvania, which has had more than 113,000 cases of covid-19 and more than 7,200 deaths, made masks mandatory in most locations outside of the home starting July 1.


“It’s crazy,” said Tom Gallagher, who was shopping in the store at the time. “It’s the mask. The guy was obviously anti-mask.”

“太疯狂了”当时在店内购物的Tom Gallagher如此表示,“口罩而已,这家伙显然是反口罩人士。”

After Zaborowski walked out without paying for his cigars, police say he fired his gun once in the air and twice at a clerk who confronted him outside. Multiple customers were also sitting outside the shop in the direction he fired.


“Both the Slatington Borough officer and troopers returned fire and struck Zaborowski,” State Trooper Nathan Branosky said in a news release.
Zaborowski was hit in the buttocks and leg, Waldron said, and is expected to recover.

州警Nathan Branosky在一场新闻发布会上表示“斯拉廷顿区警察和州警都开始还击并击中了,他的臀部和腿部各中一枪但预计都可以恢复。”

He is now charged with 22 counts including attempted homicide, aggravated assault and robbery, the Express-Times reported, and is being held on $1 million bail.