The son of federal judge Esther Salas was shot and killed on Sunday night in New Jersey

联邦法官Esther Salas的儿子周日晚上在新泽西被枪杀

Salas' husband, Mark Anderl, was also critically wounded by a man posing as a FedEx driver

Salas的丈夫Mark Anderl也被一名冒充联邦快递司机的男子重伤

Federal authorities on Monday identified Hollander, "as the primary subject in the attack that occurred at the home of the Honorable Esther Salas."

联邦当局周一确认,Hollander是尊贵的Esther Salas法官家袭击案的主要嫌疑人。

The FBI confirmed that Hollander is dead.


The FBI has identified Roy Den Hollander as the primary subject in the attack that occurred at the home of the Honorable Esther Salas. Den Hollander is now deceased. Individuals who believe they have relevant information should contact us at 973-792-3000, Press Option 2.
— FBI Newark (@FBINewark) July 20, 2020

联邦调查局已经确认Roy Den Hollander为此次尊贵的Esther Salas法官家袭击案的主要嫌疑人。Den Hollander现在已经死亡。任何人士如果认为掌握相关的资料信息,请致电973-792-3000按2与我们联系。
— 纽瓦克联邦调查局(@fbinewark),2020年7月20日

Per the New Jersey Globe, Hollander, a lawyer and men’s rights activist, represented a New Jersey woman who was suing the US sextive Service System so she could register for the male-only draft.


Salas had agreed to hear the case, which was filed in 2015, but in 2019, Salas dismissed part of the lawsuit, while another part was still pending.


Roy Den Hollander has been identified as the suspect in the Sunday night shooting

Roy Den Hollander已被确认为周日晚间枪击事件的嫌疑人

Salas' son, Daniel Anderl, 20, was killed and her husband Mark Anderl, a 63-year-old criminal defense attorney, was critically wounded after the gunman — dressed as a FedEx delivery driver — ambushed them inside their home in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

Salas20岁的儿子Daniel Anderl在袭击中遇害,她的丈夫,63岁的刑事辩护律师Mark Anderl受重伤。枪手打扮成联邦快递的送货司机,在他们位于新泽西州北不伦瑞克的家中伏击了他们。

Daniel was shot and killed after the killer entered the house, days after Salas took on a case related to Jeffrey Epstein.


Her husband was also shot at their home and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, the New Jersey Globe reported.


Daniel Anderl was killed in the doorstep attack

Daniel Anderl在门外的袭击中丧生

Per ABC News, the suspect, described as a white man, was found dead in Sullivan County by a municipal employee who found the body.


A FedEx package addressed to Salas was said to be found in the car.


WNBC reported that Anderl was in stable condition after undergoing surgery at RWJBarnabas Health.


Attorney General William Barr said on Monday he's ordered a thorough investigation of the shooting.

司法部长William Barr周一发言说,他已下令要求对枪击事件进行彻底调查。

Hollander was a lawyer and men’s rights activist


In a statement, FedEx spokesperson Jonathan Lyons said: "We are aware of the media reports and are fully cooperating with investigating authorities."

联邦快递发言人Jonathan Lyons在一份声明中表示:“我们已经注意到相关媒体的报道,正在全力配合当局的调查。”



Salas, 51, was in the basement at the time of the shootings and was not injured.


A neighbor who lives directly next door to the Salas family home told The Sun he “heard everything” but didn’t want to comment further.


Wenfeng Zhang, 44, said he locked eyes with the suspect moments after he carried out the shooting, but didn’t realize what had just happened at the time.

44岁的Wenfeng Zhang,说,在枪击发生后,他与嫌疑人对视了一会儿,但当时他并没有意识到发生了什么。

A New York State Trooper stands guard on Monday outside the home where attorney Hollander was found dead


“He looked at me and I looked at him when he was walking from the house to his car,” Zhang said. “Then he walked calmly up to his car and drove away.”


“He looked normal. Not in a rush or anything. I thought he just delivered something."


Zhang said he became suspicious when he also drove away from the street and saw police cars racing toward the neighborhood.


“I rang my wife who was still at home and she told me they were across the street and the whole road was being blocked off."


Zhang’s wife, Jenny Wang, told The Sun she heard gunshots and a scream outside her home around 5pm on Sunday.

张的妻子 Jenny Wang告诉太阳报记者,周日下午5点左右,她听到了家门外的枪声和尖叫声。

“I thought it was fireworks, they just went bang, bang, bang," she said. “I heard three or four shots.”


Police outside the family's home in New Jersey after the deadly shooting Sunday night


Francis Womack, a family friend and the mayor of North Brunswick, said the judge had received death threats in the past.

法官的家族朋友、北布伦瑞克市市长Francis Woack表示,法官过去曾收到过死亡威胁。

He told ABC News: "As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any."

他告诉美国广播公司新闻网: “作为一名法官,她不时受到威胁,但其他所有人都说最近并没有任何威胁。”

A neighbor said Salas said in the past that her status as a public figure could make her a target.


“She had some high-profile cases, and she was always a little concerned,” Marion Costanza, who attended Salas'' swearing-in ceremony, told The New York Times.

出席过Salas宣誓就职仪式的Marion Costanza告诉《纽约时报》 : “她有一些备受瞩目的案件,这使她总是有点心惊胆战。”

“I think she cried for a week and that’s just in DC,” the neighbor said of Salas when Daniel went off to college. “He was her only child.”

“我想她应该哭了一个星期,仅仅只因为是(她儿子)在华盛顿,”邻居谈到Daniel去上大学时的Salas说。 “他是她唯一的孩子。”

The attack came days after the federal judge was assigned a case lixed to pedophile financier Epstein.


According to Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank is accused of misleading investors "about anti-money-laundering deficiencies," including failing to properly monitor high-risk customers, that included Epstein.


Anderl "turned 20 last week" and was a "rising junior" enrolled for classes at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, CUA president John Garvey said in a statement.

美国天主教大学校长John Garvey 在一份声明中说,安德尔上周刚满20岁,是一名升入华盛顿特区美国天主教大学大三的学生。

"I was shocked last night to hear news of Daniel Anderl’s tragic death Sunday evening in New Jersey," he wrote.

他写道:“昨晚听到了Daniel Anderl周日晚上在新泽西州不幸去世的消息时,我感到很震惊。”

"We pray too for Daniel’s father, who was also shot and is in the hospital."


In 2014, Salas sentenced Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice to prison for fraud.

在2014年,Salas曾以诈骗罪判处《真人秀 新泽西娇妻》的参演女星 Teresa Guidice 入狱。

On Monday, Guidice said she was praying for the judge and her family following the shooting.


“She told me that [she] would be praying very heavily for Judge Salas and her family," he said. “This is absolutely devastating.”


Salas was nominated to the US District Court by President Barack Obama in November 2010.


Before being promoted by Obama, Salas served nine years as an assistant federal public defender in Newark, according to


New Jersey Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez recommended Salas to the high court.

新泽西州的参议员Frank Lautenberg和Robert Menendez向高等法院推荐了萨拉斯。

In 2018, Salas raved about her son in an interview with New Jersey Monthly magazine.


She said Daniel, who was 17 at the time, was interested in pursuing a career in law.


“I don’t want to dissuade him, but I was pulling for a doctor,” Salas said. “He’s been arguing with us since he could talk — practicing his advocacy skills.”

“我并不想阻止他,但我还是在劝他去看医生。” Salas说:“自打他会说话以来,他就一直在和我们争论以此练习他的辩护技巧。”

She said she taught her son a popular Spanish mantra: “Tu no eres mejor que nadie, pero nadie es mejor que tu," which means: “You are not better than anyone, but no one is better than you.”

她说,她教过儿子一句流行的西班牙口头禅:“Tu no eres mejor que nadie,pero nadie es mejor que tu”,意思是:“你不比任何人优秀,但没有人比你优秀。”

“It’s a profound way to live your life — to speak to the janitor with the same respect that you would show to [Supreme Court Chief] Justice [John] Roberts,” Salas said.

“这是一种深刻的生活方式——与门卫说话时要像向对最高法院院长法官[John] Roberts一样尊重。”Salas说。