In a bizarre incident, a bridge collapsed in the district of Gopalganj in Bihar, the newly constructed bridge was inaugurated by CM Nitish Kumar on June 15 and aimed at helping the general public. But the bridge collapsed after rains and a little flood. The public is furious over the bad construction and quality of work and call for an answer from the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.

在一次奇怪的事故中,比哈尔邦戈法甘吉地区的一座桥发生垮塌。6月15日,这座新建成的桥由首席部长Nitish Kumar主持落成,旨在帮助普通民众。但是在降雨和小洪水后这座桥垮掉了。公众对糟糕的建筑和工作质量感到愤怒,要求比哈尔邦首席部长Nitish Kumar做出回应。