The deaths of a father and son from alleged torture at the hands of police have sparked outrage across India, with many drawing parallels with the killing of George Floyd in the United States.

据称,印度一对父子死于警察的酷刑,在印度各地引发了愤怒,许多人将其与美国的乔治 · 弗洛伊德被杀相提并论。

Their case has thrown a new spotlight on police brutality just weeks after the killing of Floyd, an African-American man, by a white police officer in the US led to worldwide protests.


J. Jayaraj, 58, and Bennicks Immanuel, 31, were arrested on June 19 and accused of keeping their store open past permitted hours in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, which has reimposed a lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

58岁的J·贾亚拉吉和31岁的本尼克斯 · 伊曼纽尔于6月19日被捕,他们被指控在南部的泰米尔纳德邦超过允许的营业时间继续开门营业。为了遏制新冠病毒的传播,该邦重新实施了封锁。

They died in hospital a few days later, officials said, with their family alleging in written complaints that they were severely abused by police and had suffered rectal bleeding.


Two policemen involved in the alleged torture were suspended, the state''s Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami said.

该邦的首席部长埃达帕迪 · 帕拉尼斯瓦米说,两名涉嫌酷刑的警察被停职。

The deaths in the small town of Sathankulam triggered a protest last week and shopkeepers across Tamil Nadu staged a strike on Wednesday.


"Reeling from what I''m hearing. Absolutely stunned, sad and angry... the guilty must not be allowed to go unpunished," tweeted Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Saturday.

“我听到的事情让我感到非常震惊,绝对震惊、悲伤和愤怒... 不能让罪犯逍遥法外,”宝莱坞明星普里扬卡 · 乔布拉 · 乔纳斯周六在推特上写道。

"Let''s demand for the same justice we did for George Floyd," said actress Krystle D''Souza.

女演员克莉丝特·德索萨说: “让我们像对待乔治 · 弗洛伊德事件一样,要求公正”。

State politician, social activist and lawyer Jignesh Mevani wrote that the "George Floyds of India are far too many".


"Will Indians march on streets in thousands like in America?" he tweeted.

“印度人会像美国一样成千上万地走上街头游行吗? ”他在推特上写道。

Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the opposition Congress party, described it as a "tragedy when our protectors turn into oppressors".


Several reports by human rights groups in India have detailed cases of alleged torture of suspects in custody, with deaths often blamed by police on suicide or natural causes.


According to the National Human Rights Commission, 3,146 people died in police and judicial custody in 2017-18.


"Custodial violence and torture is so rampant in India that it has become almost routine," it said in a report.


"It represents the worst form of excesses by public servants entrusted with the duty of law enforcement."