Magical autumn foliage! Millennia-oldGinkgo tree becomes tourist hit after its leaves form a perfect golden carpetat Chinese temple


A 1,400-year-old tree has become the centreof attention in the city of Xi’an, central China’s Shaanxi Province.


According to the report it’s said to havebeen planted during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), and people have beentravelling from all over China to visit the spectacular site.


The tree is situated in the Zen BuddhistTemple in Luohandong village in the city of Xi'an.


According to legend surrounding thisspecific ginkgo tree, it was planted for Emperor Li Shimin. He was the foundingfather of the Tang Dynasty, ruling from 629 to 649.


The maidenhair or ginkgo tree is describedas a 'living fossil.' It is the sole survivor of an ancient group of trees thatis said to be older than dinosaurs.


With fan shaped leaves, it's a largedeciduous tree that will be completely bare and leafless in the heart ofwinter.


In the summer, the female trees growunpleasantly scented yellow fruits containing two single large seeds.


Ginkgo trees are native to China.