3M sues Amazon storefront that allegedly sold fake N95 masks for $23 apiece


The 3M corporation has filed suit against a third-party Amazon seller called KMJ Trading Inc, which allegedly sold more than $350,000 worth of N95 respirator masks, as first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The products were listed for as much as $23 per mask — a huge markup from the list price of $1.27.
Amazon has struggled with counterfeit mask sales since the beginning of the novel coronavirus outbreak, when N95 masks became an urgent necessity for essential workers. Amazon warned Marketplace sellers against price gouging as early as February, ultimately restricting sales of both face masks and hand sanitizer on March 11th. KMJ’s alleged price-gouging took place before those restrictions went into effect, beginning on February 24th.
KMJ itself used multiple accounts to make those sales, offering 45 different products across three different storefronts.

据《华尔街日报》首次报道,3M公司已对亚马逊上的第三方卖家KMJ Trading Inc提起诉讼,据称,该公司销售了价值35万多美元的N95口罩,这些口罩的标价高达23美元一片,加价巨大,这些口罩的标价为1.27美元/片

3M hasn’t raised its price for N95 masks, and the US supply has been tightly controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That combination of high demand and restricted supply created the perfect conditions for price-gouging, and KMJ is far from the only company to take advantage of the situation. As part of its filing, 3M says it has filed eleven other lawsuits related to counterfeit products and price gouging during the pandemic.


Reached for comment, Amazon applauded the lawsuit and emphasized its anti-counterfeiting efforts on Marketplace. The company says it has removed more than 500,000 pandemic-related products from the marketplace since the outbreak began.


“We’re proud to be working with 3M to hold these bad actors accountable,” said Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s VP in charge of customer trust and partner support. “When we find a bad actor violating our policies, we work quickly to remove the products and take action on the bad actor, as we’ve done here, and we welcome collaboration from brands like 3M.”

亚马逊负责客户信任和合作伙伴支持的副总裁Dharmesh Mehta表示:“我们很荣幸能与3M合作,追究这些不良商家的责任。当我们发现有不良商家违反了我们的政策时,我们就会像在这里所做的那样,迅速删除产品并对这个不良商家采取措施,我们欢迎与如3M这样的品牌合作。”

3M has asked for statutory damages as high as $2 million dollars and a permanent injunction against the defendants from selling goods identified with 3M.


“By selling and delivering to customers counterfeit, damaged, deficient, or otherwise altered respirators and engaging in price-gouging, Defendants caused irreparable damage to 3M’s reputation,” the complaint reads. “There is no adequate remedy at law for these injuries.”