Have you ever pondered how every decision that you made in the past brought you to where you are now? How everything could have been completely different if you had chosen the other path?


We used to have a “Chinese dinner” every semester in university. Notice how my chopsticks-grabbing technique was not too good back then.


If I had not been fluent in Chinese, the Spanish company I started working for in 2011 wouldn’t have hired me, and of course they wouldn’t have sent me to Suzhou.If I had not moved to Suzhou at exactly that point, I wouldn’t have met C., or he wouldn’t have been single. Look at me now! The girl who didn’t have any interest in China has been here for 11 years, is married to a Chinese and is expecting a half Chinese baby. If someone had told me this in 2002, I would have laughed so hard!


What were the decisions that changed your life?