Marianne Ngalula, Junior Accountant (2016-present)
Originally Answered: What do black Africans think about black Americans (and vice versa)?
Born and raised in The Democratic Republic of Congo (central Africa).


First, I hate when I hear people saying “I’m planning to spend my holidays in France, Mumbai, Beijing, London, Oslo, Melbourne, and Africa.” Africa is not a country for god’s sake! Africa is a continent with many different countries just like Europe or Asia. What’s even more sad is that you will hear that even from Black American. It’s like they don’t care themselves. Like they are not awared of their own history (ancient history). Black History is not just Martin Luther King. But I guess after so many years/centuries away of their own lands, they faced different challenges that made up a new story of ‘Black people’. Their own story of what ‘Being Black’ is. Which can be very understandable. But Africa is not a country, no!


Their culture is mostly associated with Rap/Hip-Pop music which itself is rough and sometimes seen as brutal. If someone asked me “Give me three things/words that come to your mind when you hear Black American” I would say “Guns, N**ga, bad english”. This is sad but … I cannot help it.


I lived in London for almost 9 or 10 months. And when I went back to my country, and people would hear me speak in english they will say “Your english is very different! It’s more beautiful and it’s seem like a serious language. ” I would go “That’s because you spend your time on american english.”


Why “serious language”? Because whenever you ask someone to speak english they go “Hey N***ga! Wassup bro!” “Get the f**** out of my way!” or “Really N***ga” (This one is very famous)! Or if they don’t really know english they just say “A yo man!” shaking their fingers like rappers.

为什么人们会把英式英语视为“严肃的语言”呢?因为大多数黑人都喜欢模仿美国黑人的说话腔调,他们都会说“嘿!”N**ga(尼哥),今天过得怎么样!”,或者“都他妈的给老子滚开!”或者“你认真的? N**ga(尼哥)”(这句话非常有名)!即使有些人不懂英语,他们也会模仿说唱歌手的样子,一边晃动手指,一边说“A yo man!(呦,兄弟)”。

So to sum it up, we have quite a bad image of Black Americans, although many people in my country envy them. I think they envy more ‘Living in the USA’ than ‘Being a black American’. But this can also be argued. Someone told me once “Why didn’t my ancestors become slaves so that I would be born in the USA and be an American today…” I was shocked! Yeah pretty messed up minds!