In the past 24 hours Brazil reports 31,890 new cases and 1492 new deaths


Two Latin American nations, Brazil and Mexico, have had skyrocketing deaths and cases.


On Thursday night, Brazil reported an additional 1,492 deaths -- the most in world -- smashing the record of 1,269 Tuesday to pass Italy into third place. In one week, Brazil has surpassed Spain and France, rising from 26,764 to 34,039. Two weeks ago, the figure was 20,082. Brazil reported a record 31,890 cases, also the most in the world and breaking the record of 30,102 Saturday -- for second place behind the United States with 615,870.


Mexico has soared into seventh place, passing Germany and Belgium, reporting 816 deaths late Thursday night after a record 1,092 Wednesday as well as 4,442 more cases. The nation''s deaths have more doubled from 6,510 to 12,545 in two weeks.