The Soviet unx Defeated Germany in World War II - Not the Western Forces


President Donald Trump claimed last week that the US and Britain had won World War II. This was a shameless lie and distortion of the facts.


Many Americans and Canadians like to believe their nations won the war in Europe and give insufficient recognition to the decisive Soviet role. Most Europeans would rather not think about the matter. By contrast, Russians know that it was their soldiers who really won the war. They remain angry that their military achievements are ignored by American triumphalists and myth-makers.


Not only did Stalin’s Soviet unx play the key role in crushing Nazi Germany, its huge sacrifices saved the lives of countless American, British and Canadian soldiers. Were it not for the USSR’s victory, Nazi Germany might be alive and well today.


No one likes to admit it was Stalin who defeated Nazi Germany. Stalin killed far more people than Adolf Hitler, including 6 million Ukrainians liquidated in the early 1930’s and four million Muslims during the war. The Soviet gulag was grinding up victims well into the 1950’s.

没有人愿意承认是斯大林击败了纳粹德国,斯大林杀害的人数远远超过阿道夫 · 希特勒,包括20世纪30年代早期的600万乌克兰人和战争期间的400万穆斯林,苏联古拉格集中营一直折磨着受害者直到20世纪50年代。

Today, seven decades later, we are barraged with films and reports about Germany’s concentration camps while Stalin’s far more extensive and lethal gulag is ignored. Roosevelt spoke warmly of Stalin as “Uncle Joe.” Churchill kept silent.

70年后的今天,我们看到了关于德国集中营的电影和报道,而斯大林更为广泛和致命的古拉格集中营却被忽略了,罗斯福热情地称斯大林为“乔大叔”, 丘吉尔保持沉默。

Equally important, the Allies had absolute air superiority over the Western European battlefields. Under strength German units could only move at night – when they could find fuel. By 1944, both Germany and Japan were crippled by a calamitous lack of fuel. Planes could not fly, tanks and trucks could not move, and warships were forced to stay in port.

到了1944年,德国和日本都因为灾难性的燃料短缺而陷入瘫痪,飞机无法飞行, 坦克和卡车无法移动,军舰被迫停留在港口。

Had Germany’s Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe not been largely destroyed in Russia, the Normandy D-Day invasion would likely have been pushed into the Channel.


By the time the Allies established themselves in France, they outnumbered degraded German forces by 2:1. At least 67,000 German soldiers died in the Normandy operation. In a heartbreaking but little-known statistic of war, 6.7 million German horses were killed on both fronts.

当同盟国在法国建立自己的势力时,他们的人数已经以2 : 1的比例落后于德国军队,至少有67000名德国士兵在诺曼底登陆行动中丧生,一个令人心碎但鲜为人知的战争统计数据显示,670万德国马匹在这两条战线上被杀。

Soviet Ukraine bore the brunt of the war, losing some 5 million soldiers and 6 million civilians – roughly half of total Soviet losses.


By April, 1944, Germany still maintained 214 divisions on the Eastern Front facing the advancing Soviet and just 60 divisions (mostly under strength, many only brigades in reality) on the Western Front.

到1944年4月,德国在东线上仍然保持着214个师,以对抗前进中的苏联,在西线上仅有60个师 ( 大部分兵力不足,许多师实际上只是旅 ) 。

At that time, both Roosevelt and Churchill lavished praise and thanks on the Soviet unx, admitting its “gigantic effort” in defeating Hitler’s Germany. Today, however, we have chosen to forget who really won the war in Europe.

当时,罗斯福和丘吉尔都对苏联大加赞赏和感谢,承认苏联为击败希特勒的德国付出了“巨大的努力”。 然而,今天,我们选择忘记谁真正赢得了欧洲的战争。

Just as much, we have totally ignored the huge Soviet contribution to the war in the Pacific Theater. The US Navy swept the seas of the Imperial Japanese Navy in a series of brilliant actions that rate among the greatest feats in naval history, but Japan still held large parts of China and Manchuria.


On 9 Aug, 1945, the Soviets unleashed one of the war’s largest campaigns. Some 1.57 million Red Army troops in 89 divisions, backed by 27,000 guns, 5,500 tanks, and 3721 warplanes stormed south in a giant, 2,500-km long arc from Outer Mongolia to Korea. Soviet tank armies raced across desert, mountain ranges and forests in a giant pincer movement that enveloped Japan’s Manchurian-based 600,000-man, 25 division Kwantung Army.


In only eleven days of blitzkrieg, the once-feared Kwantung Army – Japan’s largest – was crushed. Soviet forces reached Port Arthur in northern China, much of Manchuria and right up to Korea’s 38th parallel. Five years later, a proxy war between the US and Soviet unx would begin over divided Korea.


The shattering of the Kwantung army is believed by some historians to have contributed to Japan’s surrender. Other historians suggest that America’s use of two nuclear weapons against Japan was a hasty effort to make it surrender before the Red Army landed in Japan.


While making it plain that the western democracies have no kudos for Soviet leader Stalin, and disapprove of Vladimir Putin’s machination in Ukraine and Crimea, it should still have been possible to acknowledge the mighty Soviet contribution to our victory in World War II. At the very least, Russia’s valiant soldiers deserve a sharp salute from us. They defeated Nazi Germany and saved many of our men from death.

尽管西方民主国家明确表示,对苏联领导人斯大林没有好感,也不赞成弗拉基米尔 · 普京在乌克兰和克里米亚的阴谋,但我们还是必须承认苏联对我们在第二次世界大战中的胜利所做的巨大贡献,至少,我们应该向英勇的俄罗斯士兵致以敬意,他们击败了纳粹德国,拯救了我们许多人的性命。