Welcome to another video from Gweilo 60.


They've got all of these things that they'er doing to try to hit that pollution porblem and beat it down. A country of 1.4 billion people, it's hard. You know it's one of those things that you're growing your industry, you've got manufacturing, you've got all of these things, you gotta have electricity.


Another thing I understand with the Chinese people is they like to take care of themselves. They got a problem, they run to the doctor, and that's a good thing, because it's very inexpensive here. They're more concerned about their health, while being a westerner, it's basically being like, don't worry about it'll be fine, they sort of laze out. But the Chinese are very quick if they've got a problem to go seek medical expertise, so they catch things earlier, they're more on top of things than people in the west.


So, they eat better, they exercise more, they have more active lives, they drink less... They're just basically healthier people. And you can see because I think I read it here the other day that they have a highter lifespan than Americans now, so they live longer because of the lifestyle that they live.


This place is one of those places that people are healthy, people are happy, people are content. They exercise, they have active lives, they have a good life. All of these things, just make China a nice place because if you got a bunch of people that are healthy and active, it adds to the aura of the place, makes it a funner place to be. And that's basically why I like it here, because China is a fun place to be.