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5 Great Reasons to Learn Mandarin

学习普通话 的 五大理由

From immigrants in Chinatown to school boards in Ohio, people around the world are changing their tune on what languages should be taught to children. Resoundingly, they’re recommending Mandarin, the language of Mainland China. Here’s why:

从俄亥俄州的唐人街移民 到 学校的董事会,来自世界各地的人们对于该教给孩子们什么语言正在改变着观点 。最终,他们提议普通话-----中国大陆的语言。原因如下:


5.中国 悠久的历史

When you learn Mandarin you’re opening the window to thousands of years of culture and history. From the military conquests of (Sichuan native) Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms period to the Tang Dynasty’s discovery of gunpowder, China has thousands of years of renowned history. And better still, a study of the language reveals the subtleties of the Chinese character through it’s fables and idioms. Chinese people often touch upon ancient tales and traditions in everyday conversation, so it follows that to understand the language, is to understand the rich culture and history from which it derives.

当你开始学习普通话,你就打开了一扇通往数千年历史和文化的窗口。从诸葛亮平定 西川 到唐朝发明火药 ,中国有几千年著名的历史。更好的是,学习语言更好的了解了中国寓言 和 汉字 的奥妙。在日常交谈中,中国人民经常谈论古老的传说和传统习俗, 因此,当你了解了它的语言,就了解了脱胎于之中的悠久的历史和文化。


#4 书法

At once a language and an art, Chinese calligraphy is a gateway to the spiritual word of the artist.
As a hundred people have different faces, so too do those hundred have a unique way of expressing themselves. From the way they handle the brush to their presentation, style, and technique, calligraphy as an art communicates not only broad ideas, but the character and emotion of the artist.
Calligraphy is a joy to learn and being a natural extension of Chinese, you’ll have taken the first steps on the path by deciding to learn Mandarin. Once you’ve mastered the basics and can read and write elementary Chinese, learning how to add beauty to your written Chinese advances your linguistic and artistic skills alike. And in the end, it’s the hallmark symbol of a timeless culture that’s recognized around the world.


#2 商业机遇

China is the fastest developing market in the world and is poised to become the world’s economic leader in our lifetime. To be able to speak or read Chinese and access that group of a billion people offers you a huge advantage, no matter what your industry or profession is. Whether you’re working for multi-national or are self-employed, your chances of success increase by learning Mandarin. Even if you can’t use it professionally, it looks great on a resume because it’s still perceived as one of the world’s most difficult languages. Because it takes years of dedication, a lot of people try and give up, which will make your achievement all the more impressive.

中国是世界上发展最快的市场,并已作好准备在我们有生之年成为世界经济的领袖。 能够读写中文,就有一个十亿人的群体给你提供一个巨大的优势,不管你的行业或专业是什么。不管你再跨国公司上班还是自由职业,通过学习普通话可以增加你成功的机会。即使你不能非常专业(流利)的使用他,但是把它写在简历上显得非常拉风,因为它依然是这个世界上最困难的语言之一。因为它需要多年的努力学习,很多人尝试和放弃,这更显得你的成就来之不易。


#1 由内到外,探索一个新的世界

Most people learning Chinese as a second or third language will be exposed to a different realm of thought and reasoning that’s new to them. It’s belonged to China (among earth’s oldest civilizations) for over five thousand years but despite it’s age, it has incredible practical application to the modern world. Military, political, and business leaders who’ve shaped the world in the last century have drawn upon the wisdom of ancient China by reading early Chinese works like Sun Tzu’s Art of War, among others, for guidance. After you’ve illuminated some of the mysteries of China and start to understand another way of thinking, you’ll find your own principles and world-views being expanded.

很多人学习中文作为第二或第三语言,他们可以接触到不同的领域,新的思想。它属于 五千年的中国(地球上最古老的文明),尽管它的年龄已经非常古老,但是它仍然具有令人难以置信的实际应用。在现代,军事,政治和商界已经形成在上个世纪,世界各国领导人通过阅读中国早期作品,如 孙武的《孙子兵法》 ,借鉴中国古代的智慧 。当你读懂了中国的一些奥秘,并开始了解另一种思维方式,你会发现自己的价值 观 和世界观正在扩大