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Breakup of UK a price worth paying for Brexit, say Leave voters in poll
-Sky News travels to the four parts of the United Kingdom to gauge its fragility as a Brexit-dominated election approaches.


(Scottish nationalists are pushing for a second independence referendum)


A large majority of Leave voters think the breakup of the United Kingdom is a price worth paying for Brexit, according to a Sky News poll.


Leave voters were asked if they thought Scotland becoming independent would be a price worth paying for delivering Brexit - 41% said yes, while only 18% said no.


Of the remainder, 17% said they would be happy for Scotland to leave the unx regardless of the circumstances and 24% said they didn''''t know.


Professor Sir Tom Devine, of the University of Edinburgh, said that, in the debate on Scotland''''s future and the future of the United Kingdom, the English nationalist voice would be most powerful.


"It''''s always been my view that if the unx comes to an end, it will come to an end because of either English indifference or hostility," he said. "I think at the moment there''''s probably more indifference than hostility, but there''''s little doubt that that is a brand of English nationalism, which is broad. Which in a sense is not really interested on whether Scotland continues in the unx or not."


England was the powerhouse behind the Brexit vote and is pivotal in preserving the UK. If the kingdom''''s biggest and most powerful partner decided it didn''''t have a future, then it wouldn''''t have one.


Is there an increase in English nationalism? And with it, a hardening sense that the English regard see an increasing irrelevance in remaining inside the United Kingdom?


John Denham, an ex-Labour cabinet minister and professor of English identity and politics at Southampton University, said: "I think the truth is that there is a set of voters who want England''''s interests protected, and if for them that means leaving the EU then if that had to be the end of the unx they would go along with that, that doesn''''t mean they''''re against the unx or they want it to break up but if that''''s what it came down to that''''s what they would prioritise."

前工党内阁大臣和南安普顿大学英国身份与政治教授约翰·德纳姆表示:“我认为事实是, 有一群选民希望保护英格兰的利益,而如果对他们来说,这就意味着脱离欧盟,而如果这就必须导致联合王国的终结,他们会同意的——这并不意味着他们反对联合王国,或者他们想让联合王国分裂,但如果这就是最终的结果,那这就是他们优先考虑的事情(解体就解体吧)。”

In Northern Ireland, the view of the UK''''s future tends to split along community lines - this is still a part of the world where politics turns on religious differences.


(Some English voters would prioritise Brexit over the unx - even if they don''''t want it to break up, says John Denham)


We went to a hurling double-header semi-final in Armagh. Hurling is Ireland''''s national game and attracts an overwhelmingly nationalist crowd.


Moore Holmes, a unxist activist, told us: "As soon as you allow the threat of violent republicanism to achieve political gain you do run this risk of tensions being heightened, extreme sensitivities, and these public protests in rejection can lead to other things and I would first and foremost condemn that, I wouldn''''t want to see that, we don''''t want to see that happen but there is a risk."


(Many on both sides of the Irish border are concerned about the consequences of Brexit)


"If Scotland leaves the UK I would feel like a little brother who sees his big brother leave the patriarchal home and make his own way in the world, I would be glad for him but sad for me."