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The Last Western Empire?


“Missing the forest for the trees” is an apt metaphor if we take a look at most commentary describing the past twenty years or so. This period has been remarkable in the number of genuinely tectonic changes the international system has undergone. It all began during what I think of as the “Kristallnacht of international law,” 30 August September 1995, when the Empire attacked the Bosnian-Serbs in a direct and total violation of all the most fundamental principles of international law. Then there was 9/11, which gave the Neocons the “right” (or so they claimed) to threaten, attack, bomb, kill, maim, kidnap, assassinate, torture, blackmail and otherwise mistreat any person, group or nation on the planet simply because “we are the indispensable nation” and “you either are with the terrorists or with us“. During these same years, we saw Europe become a third-rate US colony incapable of defending even fundamental European geopolitical interests while the US became a third-rate colony of Israel equally incapable of defending even fundamental US geopolitical interests. Most interestingly looking back, while the US and the EU were collapsing under the weight of their own mistakes, Russia and China were clearly on the ascend; Russia mostly in military terms (see here and here) and China mostly economically. Most crucially, Russia and China gradually agreed to become symbionts which, I would argue, is even stronger and more meaningful than if these two countries were united by some kind of formal alliance: alliances can be broken (especially when a western nation is involved), but symbiotic relationships usually last forever (well, nothing lasts forever, of course, but when a lifespan is measured in decades, it is the functional equivalent of “forever”, at least in geostrategic analytical terms). The Chinese have now developed an official, special, and unique expression to characterize that relationship with Russia. They speak of a “Strategic, comprehensive partnership of coordination for the new era.”



This is the AngloZionists’ worst nightmare, and their legacy ziomedia goes to great lengths to conceal the fact that Russia and China are, for all practical purposes, strategic allies. They also try hard to convince the Russian people that China is a threat to Russia (using bogus arguments, but never-mind that). It won’t work, while some Russians have fears about China, the Kremlin knows the truth of the matter and will continue to deepen Russia’s symbiotic relationship with China further. Not only that, it now appears that Iran is gradually being let in to this alliance. We have the most official confirmation possible of that fact in words spoken by General Patrushev in Israel after his meeting with US and Israeli officials: “Iran has always been and remains our ally and partner.”

这是盎格鲁-撒克逊世界最可怕的噩梦,而他们的财富 -- 犹太复国主义媒体正不遗余力的掩盖了一个事实,即中俄在所有的实际目的上、都称得上是战略盟友。他们还努力在忽悠俄罗斯人民,说中国是对俄罗斯的威胁(即便使用了虚假的论据,但他们从来不在意这个)。这当然是行不通的,虽然一些俄罗斯人对中国心存恐惧,但克里姆林宫了解事情的真相,并将继续进一步加深俄罗斯与中国的共生关系。不仅如此,在如今看来,伊朗正逐渐加入这一联盟。Patrushev将军于以色列会晤了美国和以色列的官员后说过:伊朗一直是、并且仍然将是我们的盟友和伙伴。这句话就是对于这一事实的最为官方的证明。

1054: Rome separates itself from the rest of the Christian world in the so-called Great Schism
1075: Rome adopts the so-called Papal Dictation
1095: Rome launches the First Crusade
These three closely related events are of absolutely crucial importance to the history of the West. The first step the West needed was to free itself from the influence and authority of the rest of the Christian world. Once the ties between Rome and the Christian world were severed, it was only logical for Rome to decree that the Pope now has the most extravagant super-powers no other bishop before him had ever dared contemplate. Finally, this new autonomy and desire for absolute control over our planet resulted in what could be called “the first European imperialist war”: the First Crusade.
To put it succinctly: the 11th century Franks were the real progenitors of modern “Western” Europe and the 11th century marked the first imperialist “foreign war” (to use a modern term). The name of the Empire of the Franks has changed over the centuries, but not its nature, essence, or purpose. Today the true heirs of the Franks are the AngloZionists (for a truly superb discussion of the Frankish role in desotrying the true, ancient, Christian Roman civilization of the West, see here).
Over the next 900 years or more, many different empires replaced the Frankish Papacy, and most European countries had their “moment of glory” with colonies overseas and some kind of ideology which was, by definition and axiomatically, declared the only good (or even “the only Christian”) one, whereas the rest of the planet was living in uncivilized and generally terrible conditions which could only be mitigated by those who have always believed that they, their religion, their culture or their nation had some kind of messianic role in history (call it “manifest destiny” or “White man’s burden” or being a Kulturträger in quest of a richly deserved Lebensraum): the West Europeans.
It looks like most European nations had a try at being an empire and at imperialist wars. Even such modern mini-states like Holland, Portugal or Austria once were feared imperial powers. And each time one European Empire fell, there was always another one to take its place.





But even more crucial is this: China and Russia have no desire whatsoever to become an empire again. These two countries have finally understood the eternal truth, which is that empires are like parasites who feed on the body which hosts them. Yes, not only are all empires always and inherently evil, but a good case can be made that the first victims of imperialism are always the nations which “host the empire” so to speak. Oh sure, the Chinese and the Russians want their countries to be truly free, powerful and sovereign, and they understand that this is only possible when you have a military which can deter an attack, but neither China nor Russia have any interests in policing the planet or imposing some regime change on other countries. All they really want is to be safe from the US, that’s it.
This new reality is particularly visible in the Middle-East where countries like the United States, Israel or Saudi Arabia (this is the so-called “Axis of Kindness”) are currently only capable of deploying a military capable of massacring civilians or destroy the infrastructure of a country, but which cannot be used effectively against the two real regional powers with a modern military: Iran and Turkey.



Now compare European militaries with the kind of armed forces you can find in Latin America or Asia? There is such a knee-jerk assumption of superiority in most Anglos that they completely fail to realize that medium and even small-sized countries can develop militaries sufficient enough to make an outright US invasion impossible or, at least, any occupation prohibitively expensive in terms of human lives and money (see here, here and here). This new reality also makes the typical US missile/airstrike campaign pretty useless: they will destroy a lot of buildings and bridges, they will turn the local TV stations (“propaganda outlets” in imperial terminology) into giant piles of smoking rubble and dead bodies, and they kill plenty of innocents, but that won’t result in any kind of regime change. The striking fact is that if we accept that warfare is the continuation of politics by other means, then we also have to admit, that under that definition, the US armed forces are totally useless since they cannot help the US achieve any meaningful political goals.
The truth is that in military and economic terms, the “West” has already lost. The fact that those who understand don’t talk, and that those who talk about this (denying it, of course) have no understanding of what is taking place, makes no difference at all.
In theory, we could imagine that some kind of strong leader would come to power in the US (the other western countries are utterly irrelevant), crush the Neocons like Putin crushed them in Russia, and prevent the brutal and sudden collapse of the Empire, but that ain’t gonna happen. If there is one thing which the past couple of decades have proven beyond reasonable doubt is that the imperial system is entirely unable to reform itself in spite of people like Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Ross Perrot, Ron Paul, Mike Gravel or even Obama and Trump – all men who promised meaningful change and who were successfully prevented by the system of achieving anything meaningful. Thus the system is still 100% effective, at least inside the US: it took the Neocons less than 30 days to crush Trump and all his promises of change, and now it even got Tulsi Gabbard to bow down and cave in to Neocons’ absolutely obligatory political orthodoxy and myths.



从理论上讲,我们可以想象一下,在美国会有某位强大的领导人上台(其他西方国家根本不重要),把像普京这样的新保守主义者彻底粉碎,并防止(盎格鲁撒克逊)帝国的突然、残酷崩塌,但这一切都不会发生。如果有一件事在过去的几十年里已经被证明是无可置疑的,那就是帝国体系完全无法自我改革,尽管像Ralph Nader、Dennis Kucinich、Ross Perrot、Ron Paul,、Mike Gravel甚至奥巴马和特朗普这样的人 -- 所有这些人都曾承诺要进行有意义的变革,却最终都被西方的体系所阻止、无法达成任何有意义的事。因此,至少在美国国内,这一体系仍然100%有效:新保守派用了不到30天的时间就彻底粉碎了特朗普及其承诺的所有变革,现在甚至让Tulsi Gabbard屈服于新保守派绝对的、强制性的政治正统和神话。

Finally, the current rather nasty reaction to the multi-culturalism imposed by the western ruling elites is no less pathological than this corrosive multi-culturalism in the first place. I am referring to the new theories “revisiting” WWII and finding inspiration in all things Third Reich, very much including a revival of racist/racialist theories. This is especially ridiculous (and offensive) when coming from people who try to impersonate Christians but who instead of prayers on their lips just spew 1488-like nonsense. These folks all represent precisely the kind of “opposition” the Neocons love to deal with and which they always (and I really mean always) end up defeating. This (pretend) opposition (useful idiots, really) will remain strong as long as it remains well funded (which it currently is). But as soon as the current megalomania (“We are the White Race! We built Athens and Rome! We are Evropa!!!”) ends with an inevitable faceplant, folks will eventually return to sanity and realize that no external scapegoat is responsible for the current state of the West. The sad truth is that the West did all this to itself (mainly due to arrogance and pride!), and the current waves of immigrants are nothing more than a 1000 years of really bad karma returning to where it came from initially. I don’t mean to suggest that folks in the West are all individually responsible for what is happening now. But I do say that all the folks in the West now live with the consequences of 1000 years of unrestrained imperialism. It will be hard, very hard, to change ways, but since that is also the only viable option, it will happen, sooner or later.
But still – there is hope. IF the Neocons don’t blow up the planet, and IF mankind is given enough time to study its history and understand where it took the wrong turn, then maybe, just maybe, there is hope.
I think that we can all find solace in the fact that no matter how ugly, stupid and evil the AngloZionist Empire is, no other empire will ever come to replace it.
In other words, should we survive the current empire (which is by no means certain!) then at least we can look forward to a planet with no empires left, only sovereign countries.
I submit that this is a future worth struggling for.

最后,西方精英强加给社会的“多元文化”主义、产生了颇为恶劣的反响,这种反响的恶劣程度不亚于腐蚀性的“多元文化”主义本身。我参照了一种新的理论,重温了二战历史,并从纳粹帝国的所有事件中汲取了灵感,其中包括种族主义理论的复兴。当有人试图冒充基督教徒,在嘴上却不做祷告,而且还满嘴的“14/88式”(译注:据说是纳粹的代表数字,“14”是白人至上主义的缩写;“88”是向希特勒致敬的缩写)胡说八道,这显得尤其荒谬(而且令人反感)。这些家伙都是典型的、新保守主义者喜欢对付的那种“反对派”,他们通常都会以失败而告终。这种(假装自己是)“反对派”(实际上是没用的白痴)只要资金充足(现在就是这样),就会保持强大。但只要目前的这个自大狂(“我们是白人!我们建造了雅典和罗马!我们是神圣的欧罗巴!!!)以一种不可不免的倒栽葱GAME OVER,人们最终就会恢复理智,并意识到对于西方的现状、没有替罪羊来为之负责了。可悲的事实是,西方对自己人做了以上所说的一切(主要是因为傲慢和骄傲!),而目前的移民潮、不过是1000年来的恶果回归到最初的源头而已。我不是说西方国家的人都要对现在发生的事情负责,但我要说的是,现在西方国家所有的人民、都生活在千年帝国主义肆无忌惮的后果之中。改变作风非常、非常困难,但由于这也是唯一可行的选择,所以迟早会发生的。